Ingles basico

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Ingles basico

ingles basico por daniel oyagata

daniel oyagata
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escriba el comparativo de small: smaller smallest more small.
cual de las siguientes palabras es una profesion: engineer drive cook.
Do you know ... friend Peter? me mine my I.
1.Jose Luis is a professor at Central University ... Quito city: in at to on.
Alejandro bought ...New table for his room a an much many.
My trousers are nicer …. Yours, Fernando that than of such.
Which channel was this program ..., Ana? in on at by.
I would like to go to the beach,...,this summer it is not going to be possible because I´ll start working. but and so then.
Let's leave Quito ...7.45 on at to by.
. What do ...prefer? you yours you´re your.
We have another meeting... quarter after five with Laura at around in to.
Your e-mail address here will be very similar to the ... you had in León each some one any.
Where ___ he from? is are am.
She ___ a bath now. is having having has.
___ the disc put into the disc-drive? is are it is.
The train left __ time in on at.
Diana ___ to Italy a week ago. goes went go.
We hate ____. waits waiting wait.
Ok, I think ___ come with you. I`ll I`m going I.
She types a lot _______ than you. much quickly quickly more quickly.
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