Ingles iii ii

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Ingles iii ii


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We must leave _____ if we want to arrive at school on time. Hard Daily Early Straight.
I had my milk, but henry and Lucy dind´t have _____. Them They Their Theirs.
_____ pants _____ those? Whose / are Who´s / are Whose / be Who´s / be.
I dind´t go _____ last night. I stayed home. Nowhere Anywhere Somewhere Everywhere.
Sin “the". Steve is _____ teacher´s cousin. Did bill receive _____ post-card? Maggie called _____ doctor Palmer. Are you living near _____ johnsons?.
Con “the”. You must´n go to _____ bed so late. Turn off _____ light before leaving. At wath time Jane have _____ tea? Does _____ rain always fall in May?.
Con “a”. Margaret is really _____ beautiful. Her niece wants to buy _____ butter. Mother will have to give _____ speech. My friend travels abroad every _____ year.
Henry _____been _____ since he finished his breakfast. Fortunately he stopped. Has / drunk Had / drunk Has / drinking Had / drinking.
Con “a”. She invited us for _____ dinner tonight. Ruddy goes to the seaside every _____ week. John had _____ wonderful time during his trip. The children don´t want to go to _____ bed early.
Con “a”. She wants _____ tea for breakfast. Teddy needed _____ time to recover. David Barns went to _____ war last year. I think it´s _____ pity they dind´t win.
Tom has _____ friends because he is extremely timid. Few A few Little A little.
_____ they _____ traveling since March? Were / being Were / been Have / being Have / been.
Mike has _____ mother twice this week. Visits A visit Visited Be visiting.
_____ the baby been _____ with the vase before he broke it? Had / play Would / play Had / playing Would / playing.
Rebecca _____ always _____ in love with Pierre before he left.. Had / been Was / been Had / being Was / being.
Dan _____ sick. Got Put Made Went.
Mr. Andrews _____ through with the lecture at 6:00 o´clock. Put Took Got Went.
We all _____ not telling James about the accident. Planned Decided Expected Considered.
Jean doesn´t want _____ my brother Help Helps To help Helping.
Cindy shouted _____ hearing the news about her friends. Of Off Over Upon.
The mail comes _____ miday. Over Into About Through.
The president and his wife _____ cut the ribbon last night. Itself Himself Yourselves Themselves.
I left the money in the office. I´ll take the elevator and go _____ for it. In On Over Back.
I´m not able to read this book. It´s _____ difficult. Too Enough Almost Barely.
Sue is _____ old for you to marry her. Too Highly Enough Almost.
Not _____ of what you said is true. Many Much Some None.
_____ that letter was a sad experience. Write Wrote Written Writing.
Carol is _____ interested in seeing jerry. She hates him. Less The less Least The least.
Jack spoke _____ fast _____ Frank. As / as Same / than So /as More / than.
_____ was nice _____ you. It / meet It / to meet There / meet There / to meet.
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