intercultural activity

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intercultural activity

intercultural activity

santiago ,daniel, laura
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In what year was Colombia founded? 1848 1805 1810.
What is the name of the president of Colombia? ivan duque juan manuel santos alvaro uribe simon bolivar.
How many departments does Colombia have? 32 31 30 34.
what are the regions of Colombia? insular caribbean amazonian andean orinoquia pacifica insular caribbean amazonian andean pacific coast insular caribbean amazonian andean pacific coast bariloche.
which is the capital of Colombia? cali bogota santa marta medellin.
Cali is known as the capital of the ....? soccer salsa animals beer.
What are the colors of the Colombian flag? yellow, blue and red blue and purple coffee yellow blue and purple black .
What is the national animal of Colombia? golden bird Panda condor of the andes.
How many inhabitants are there in Colombia? 50millions 49millions 43millions 45millions.
What Colombian writer won the Nobel Prize? pablo neruda gabriel garcia marquez camilo torres roselino sanchez.
What is the name of the mountain that crosses Colombia? american mountain andes mountain cadiz mountain bariloche mountain .
which is the longest river in colombia? magdalena river arauca river choco river atrato river.
which is the best soccer team in colombia? millonarios america de cali nacional santa fe.
who is Colombia's best soccer player? radamel falcao james rodriguez juan cuadrado santi pachon .
with which countries does Colombia limit? brasil argentina corea brasil panama venezuela ecuador peru venezuela ecuador peru venezuela peru ecuador panama .
what is the representative flower of colombia? Daisy flower orchid melon.
Colombians are characterized by being people? tallest sad happy.
in which year the soccer team of Colombia won a tournament? 2009 2014 2015 2001.
what is the city of eternal spring? medellin cali pasto .
what is the typical dish of the Andean region? cholao bandeja paisa choridog.
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