Iso9001:2008 test

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Iso9001:2008 test

Test to the newestversion of ISO 9001 Standard

Peter Padar

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To which Quality Standard will be our company registered? (One option is correct) ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9001:1994 AS 9100 nOne of these standards.
What was included in 1.1 General Scope? (One option valid) Revised to include "Statutory Requirements" Revised to Include "ISO9004:2005" Nothing was revised AS 9100 Added "where Applicable".
What was revised in 1.2 Application? Revised Paragraph 3 to include "Statutory Requirements" Revised to indicate provisions of the most recent version of ISO 140001 Nothing was revised EN 45155 Updated Scope of ISO 9004.
What was the major change in 4.1 General Requirements? (One option is correct) A) Replaced "identify" with "Determined" Replaced "Quality Manager" with Quality Representative" Nothing was replaced Replaced "Organization" with "Managemnent" Replaced "2000" with "2008".
How long will be our New ISO Certificate valid? (one Option is correct) Unchanged, Same as our old one. (It is just an Transition to the new standard) 100 Years 3 Years 1 Year There is no expiration date on our ISO registration.
Note 2 of 4.1 General Requirements explians (one option is correct) what outsourced processes are (Performed by a third Party) How Crossbow should build a KFD 840 how to operate a fire extinguisher what a difined process is explains nothing.
What is now controlled in ISO 9001:2008? (Revised f) of 4.2.3 Control of documents) (one Option is correct) Documents of external origin must be controlled if they are necessary. e.g. ISO9001:2008 standard Nothing is controlled Quality Manger is controlled by the CEO FAA controls Crossbow Outsorcing is now controlled.
What was the change in 4.2.4 Contol of records? (one option is correct) Changed to : Records shall be controlled Changed to: Records should be maintained No change has been implemented Documents of external origin should be controlled Defines the amount of control Crossbow should apply to their partners.
What does the 2008 means in ISO 9001:2008? (one option is correct) The release date of the newest version: Year 2008 It is the 2008th revision of the standard Is the ISBN number ISO 9001:2008 is the combination of 2 Standards ISO9001 and ISO2008 It was the 2008th standard released since ISO was founded.
The Management representative could be outsorced in earlier versions of the ISO 9001 Standard. What is now true? (5.5.2) (one option is correct) The management representative must be a member of the organizations management. The representative should report to the president of the USA We don't need representative anymore. Requirement is unchanged Management representative should rotate every year within the organizations management.
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