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Which of the following is a Key Deliverable of the Prepare phase? Change Impact Analysis and Communication Plan Release and Sprint Plan Solution Scope and Value Determination Baseline Build.
In which phase of the SAP Activate methodology does the team complete the Transformation Planning? Deploy Explore Prepare Realize.
Which tool can you use to collaborate with other SAP Activate methodology practitioners? SAP Solution Manager SAP Implementation Assistant Roadmap Viewer SAP Jam.
What does SAP Activate recommend to keep team members informed and aligned? Daily progress review meeting with sponsor Daily status meeting with project manager Daily e-mail status updates to project manager Daily team stand-up meeting.
In which phase of the SAP Activate Methodology does the team complete the System Assessment? Explore Realize Deploy Prepare.
What is the minimum number of quality gates mandated by the SAP Activate methodology? 3 5 0 4.
Which activity helps the project team to add the user stories to the product backlog? Conducting the Solution Validation Preparing a Project Schedule Assessing Project Risks Planning the User Acceptance Test.
What is a benefit of using Guided Configuration instead of the Implementation Guide? It eliminates the need to generate transport requests for configuration settings It ensures configuration is done using SAP Solution Manager It eliminates the need for Content Lifecycle Management It ensures SAP updates do NOT conflict with customer configurations.
What is the most granular level of the methodology you can view in the Roadmap Viewer? Task Phase Deliverables Scenario.
What tool do you use to configure an SAP Business Suite on-premise solution? ABAP Workbench SAP Implementation Guide Configuration Composer Expert Configuration.
Which content is made available after you activate SAP Best Practices for a new financial implementation? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Standard chart of accounts Pre-configured business processes Implementation Guide Online help.
What is the key characteristic of Agile project delivery? Formal and detailed documentation Frequent and detailed project scheduling Iterative build with frequent inspections Frequent Quality Gates.
What are the benefits of the SAP best practices? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Reduced functional scope Simple on-boarding to cloud Fast time to value Predictable results Fixed organizational structure.
In which SAP Activate methodology phase does the team identify and design functional quick wins in scope of the conversion project? Explore Prepare Deploy Realize.
What are the three pillars of SAP Activate? Guided Configuration SAP S/4HANA in-memory database SAP Activate Methodology SAP Solution Manager SAP Best Practices.
Which activity is part of the SAP Activate Methodology for a new implementation of SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition but NOT of the cloud edition? End-to-End Integration Test Unit Test User Acceptance Test Technical System Test.
Which content packages are available in the SAP Package Library? SAP Activate Methodology Rapid Deployment Solutions Solution Builder SAP Best Practices.
Which activities are part of the Application: Solution Adaption work stream of SAP Activate for new implementations? Change Management Plan Value Determination Value Audits Production Support Plan Scope Validation.
What structure level do you see when you access the Roadmap Viewer and chose work stream navigation? Scenario Task Deliverable Scope Item.
In SAP Activate, what replaces the detailed Blueprint from ASAP? Business Process Mapping Fit/Gap Workshops Value Determination Custom Extension management.
In which SAP Activate methodology phase does the team complete the Integration Validation? Deploy Prepare Explore Realize.
What is the purpose of the Solution Builder tool in the SAP Activate Guided Configuration? To activate the Best Practices content To create delta building blocks for complementary content To personalize activated, ready-to run business processes To create customer-specific scope items.
What is a difference between the SAP Activate methodology for a new implementation of SAP S/4HANA cloud edition and a new implementation of SAP S/4HANA on-premise? For on-premise, there is an additional Q-Gate for system installation For the cloud edition, there is an additional Q-Gate for integration with on-premise systems For on-premise, there are additional deliverables for the system setup For the cloud edition, there is an additional work stream for integration with on-premise systems.
What technique helps agile project teams to prioritize a large, flat backlog? User Story Mapping Retrospective Fit/Gap Analysis Planning Poker.
In which phase of the SAP Activate methodology does the team complete the Cut-over Rehearsal? Deploy Realize Explore Prepare.
Which criterion does the Product Owner use to sequence the product backlog? Relative effort Complexity Resource availability Business priority.
Which navigation option do you use in the Roadmap Viewer to access the SAP Activate Methodology content? Navigate by RACI matrix accountability Navigate by Project Team Member Role Navigate by assigned Delivery Mode Navigate by work stream.
Which deliverable is specific to on-premise and NOT for the cloud? Technical Design Solution Learning Needs Analysis Adaptation Specification Knowledge Transfer.
Which component of SAP Activate offers customers a reference solution in the cloud for a quick start? SAP Activate Methodology Guided Configuration SAP Implementation Assistant SAP Best Practices.
What is the final activity in the Realize phase of a new implementation of SAP S/4HANA cloud edition? Data migration End-to-End walkthrough Solution validation Readiness check.
In Which phase does the Transition to Operations work stream start? Prepare Realize Explore Deploy.
Which key deliverable includes the development of RICEFW objects? Enhancement Delivery Development Build Sprint Execution Custom Extensions Management.
What do you do during Sprint Execution? Measure the sprint progress with a percentage complete report Hold a retrospective at the end of each week Present status of selected user stories in the sprint scope on a scrumboard End a sprint when the sprint backlog items are all complete.
Who determines the tasks that are required to complete the committed backlog items in a sprint? Product Owner Project Team SCRUM Master Project Manager.
How can the project manager help to keep momentum in the project and help to keep the customer involved? Increase the number of Q-Gates Leverage agile cycles to build and test the solution Walk through the solution processes with the stakeholders Add customer resources to the project to reduce the need for formal training.
When does the project team receive formal confirmation that the user stories are completed to the satisfaction of the product owner? During the sprint retrospective During user acceptance testing During the sprint review During the daily SCRUM meeting.
What is the objective of a sprint retrospective meeting? Review and prioritize the backlog Define the stakeholder management approach Provide formal feedback to the project manager Improve the SCRUM process.
Which new project roles are introduced with the SAP Activate Agile methodology? SCRUM Master Product Owner Design Thinking Coach Integration Lead.
Which of the following building blocks are part of the SAP S/4HANA platform? SAP HANA in-memory database SAP Fiori UX LOB Cloud Solution SAP Solution Manager.
In which phase you execute the User Acceptance Test? Final Preparation Realize Deploy Build and Test.
Which activities are critical for delivering Agile projects? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Blueprint scheduling Sprint planning Retrospective agenda creation Release planning.
What are the responsibilities of the Project Team on level 4 in the picture below? Identify and resolve issues and risks Perform status reporting and communication Set Project policy, standards and oversight Set business priorities, goals and objectives.
What is a key characteristic of SAP Activate for new implementations of S/4HANA cloud edition? Waterfall approach Limited involvement of business stakeholders Design-based Start with executable content.
Which of the following Key Deliverables do you complete in the Solution Design work stream in the Explore phase? Design for the Gaps and Deltas Solution Scope and Value Determination Baseline Build Validation Workshops Data Migration Approach.
Which of the following activities are part of the Deploy Phase of a Landscape Transformation journey to SAP S/4HANA On-Premise Edition? Solution Activation Access organizational and production readiness Training delivery Optimize software Change Control Management.
What is the focus of a SCRUM of SCRUMS in an Agile context? Integration topics Communication to the Project Management Office Backlog management Best Practice adoption.
What does a project jump-start include for a new implementation of SAP S/4HANA onpremise edition? SAP Best Practices Project team training Full project SCRUM Rapid prototyping.
Which of the following activities are part of the Realize Phase of a System Conversion journey to SAP S/4HANA On-Premise Edition? Delta configuration Operations impact analysis Development system migration Sandbox system migration Custom code adjustment.
According to the Definition of Done, which activity must be completed for each sprint? End user training must be delivered Functionality must be released to the business Solution must be built and configured in the development system (DEV) Functionality must be tested in the Quality system (QAS).
Which of the following SAP S/4HANA Landscape Transformation options are enabled? Migration of Business Units System Upgrade System Consolidation Migration of Selected Applications Security Migration.
Which of the following activities support the Realize Phase of a System Conversion journey to SAP S/4HANA On-Premise Edition? Custom code Adjustment planning Data aging configuration Non-production systems migration Value determination.
Which estimation technique can be used in Agile project delivery to size the user stories during sprint planning? Detailed bottom-up effort estimate by the SCRUM Master in story points based on the user story complexity Detailed bottom-up effort estimate the breaks each user story up into hours or shorter tasks Relative estimate in ideal person days that reflects the best estimate provided by the project team Product Owner’s relative estimate of the effort that will be needed to implement the user story.
What is the purpose of the Solution Validation activity in the Explore phase? To identify gaps To challenge changes to standard To educate project participants To verify technical installation To log additional scope items.
Which key activities does the Guided Configuration support you with? Test configured processes Train new users Manage roles of configuration users Create test data View solution scope.
Which of the following tasks are required in the Prepare Phase? Approve the test strategy Define the communication plan Identify relevant SAP Best Practices Set up the infrastructure to support the project Train the project team.
Which collaboration features can SAP Activate Jam users access? Tweet questions Ask questions Update Key Deliverable wikis Comment on documents.
Your project is preparing for the Fit/Gap analysis workshops. If you use the Agile approach, what sequence of activities do you perform in the Explore Phase? a. Conduct Solution Validation workshops b. Conduct Delta Design workshops c. Set reference value d. Prioritize initial backlog a. Set reference value b. Prioritize initial backlog c. Conduct Delta Design workshops d. Conduct Solution Validation workshops a. Set reference value b. Conduct Solution Validation workshops c. Prioritize initial backlog d. Conduct Delta Design workshops a. Conduct Solution Validation workshops b. Set reference value c. Prioritize initial backlog d. Conduct Delta Design workshops.
In which phase do you verify that the SAP Best Practice solution scenarios meet the business needs of the customer? Realize Deploy Prepare Explore.
In what respect is SAP Activate Methodology different from the ASAP Methodology? Supports only new implementations Supports cloud deployments Leverages iterative incremental build Includes Fit/Gap analysis instead of Blueprint.
What must you do when you implement SAP Business Suite On-Premise with SAP Best Practices? Activate and apply SAP Best Practices content with the self-service configuration UI Apply SAP Best Practices with the Configure your Solution application Activate and apply SAP Best Practices with SAP Solution Manager Assemble and apply SAP Best Practices to the system.
Which activities are part of the Design and Configuration application of the SAP Activate methodology? Perform Fit/Gap Analysis Confirm Integration prerequisites Conduct Scope Validation Schedule kick-off workshop.
How can SRCUM teams be organized? By project phase By work stream By project governance level By job title.
How are the build and test tasks planned and executed in the Realize phase? By executing regression tests after each iteration By using the sprint backlog list as input for each iteration. With Q-Gates for sign off after each iteration By using incremental build in fixed-scope iteration.
What is the purpose of the scrumboard? To show the functional breakdown of the solution scope To visualize team progress To document the results of integration testing To manage the resource load.
What is a deliverable of the Application. Customer Team Enablement work stream in the Prepare phase of SAP Activate? Learning plan Knowledge transfer to end users Project Documentation Project Charter.
What are deliverables of the Application: Integration work stream in the prepare phase? Fit/Gap Analysis Security Checks Adaptation Specifications Data Cleansing Network Connectivity Checks.
What is the hierarchy level under Phase in the SAP Jam space for SAP Activate onpremise? Key Deliverable Task Work Stream Scenario.
What can users do in the Roadmap Viewer tool? Upload SAP Activate WBS into SAP Solution Manager7.1 Create a customer-specific version of SAP Activate Methodology Download full SAP Activate methodology content for use off-line Display and navigate detailed SAP Activate methodology WBS.
What are the responsibilities of the Product Owner in release and sprint planning? Prioritize backlog user stories by business priority Analyze the functional and technical dependencies between the user stories Define objectives for each release Estimate the backlog user stories.
In which phase do you create a prioritized list of user requirements? Deploy Explore Prepare Realize.
What are key characteristics of the implementation approach in SAP Activate Methodology? On-premise only Premium engagement ready Validate solution Start with SAP Best Practices Fixed scope.
Which tools does SAP Activate provide to support Guided Configuration? Solution Builder Model Company Self Service Configuration SAP Solution Composer Expert Configuration.
What do you do during post cutover? Perform Technical System Test Conduct Organizational Readiness Check Perform the Verification Session of the SAP Going Live Check Setup Operational Support.
Which of the following tasks are part of the Production support after the Go Live key deliverable? Set up the Operations Control Center Provide further training to customer end users Perform a Technical systems test Resolve issues identified during the Hyper Care period.
Your project is performing some high-level planning for a System Conversion journey from SAP Business Suite to SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition. What is the correct sequence of selected key deliverables across the project phases? a. Detailed system Assessment b. Code Adjustment c. Validation of Migration d. Production Readiness Check a. Detailed system Assessment b. Production Readiness Check c. Code Adjustment d. Validation of Migration a. Code adjustment b. Detailed System Assessment c. Production Readiness Check d. Validation of Migration a. Production Readiness Check b. Detailed system Assessment c. Code Adjustment d. Validation of Migration.
In which tools can the project team across the SAP Activate Methodology content including accelerators? Roadmap Viewer SAP Service Marketplace SAP Community Network SAP Jam.
What information does the product team need so that they can estimate the relative size of backlog user story correctly? Available project resources Definition of Done Test strategy Overall project schedule.
What is the purpose of a firm-up sprint? To demonstrate functionality from previous sprints To revise a release plan and sprint plan To run end-to-end integration test To perform string testing.
Which accelerator can help you document the detailed design of solution extensions? Product Backlog Template Change Request Template Sprint Backlog Template RICEF Specification Template.
Which accelerations can you use during the Scope Validation/Fit-Gap Analysis activity in the Explore Phase? RICEF Specification Template Solution Validation Workshop Quality Gate Checklist Sprint Backlog Template.
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