latin phrases

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latin phrases

latin phrases

Drozdenko Olga
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he gives twice, who gives promptly.
seize the day.
I think, therefore I am.
habit is second nature.
divide and rule.
the fates lead the willing and drag the unwilling.
while I breathe, I hope.
the law harsh but the law.
from the origin.
hurry slowly.
ignorance is no argument.
about the dead, either well or nothing.
said and done.
to live is to think.
whether willing or unwilling.
unknown land.
enough for the wise.
to err is human.
the day teaches the day.
Oh, the times! Oh, the morals!.
sweet smoke of your country.
remember that die.
their name is legion.
through hardships to the stars.
there is a danger in delay.
for and against.
in secret.
if you want peace, prepare for war.
first among equals.
I came, I saw, I conquered.
life without liberty is nothing.
danger is sweet.
man is a wolf to man.
slip of the tongue.
silence means confession.
go, it is sent.
under the sight of eternity.
in doubt, on behalf of the culprit.
facts are more powerful than words.
other things being equal.
war is sweet to the inexperienced.
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