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II Semestre 2017

Francis Buitrago
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My name is Ben My name is Ben and I come from Australia. I am 24 years old and I live in a small town near Sydney called Branton. I don't have a job now, but normally I clean shop windows. I am not married but I live with my very beautiful girlfriend, Maria, in a nice house in Branton. We don't have any children...maybe next year. My girlfriend is an actress, but she isn't very famous. She acts in a small theatre in our town. At the weekend, we like to go swimming in a big lake near our house. I normally get up at eight o'clock, but on Thursday I get up at six o'clock because that is the day when I go running in the park. QUESTIONS: WHAT STATEMENTS ARE TRUE ABOUT THE READING? Ben lives in Sydney, Australia. Ben is 26 years old.Ben is single. They go swimming in the river at the weekend. Ben's normal job is cleaning windows. Ben doesn't have any children. Ben's girlfriend works in the local theatre. Ben gets up at eight o'clock usually. Ben gets up early on Thursdays.
SIMPLE PRESENT I _________________ (to like) lemonade very much. like likes liked.
Simple Present The girls always ___________________ (to listen) to pop music. listen listened listening.
Simple Present: Janet never ______________ (to wear) jeans. wears wear wearing.
SIMPLE PRESENT: She __________________ (to be) six years old. are is am .
PRESENT PROGRESSIVE: It __________rainning. is are am.
PRESENT PROGRESSIVE Bill _________ wait at the bus stop - is are.
Verb BE I We, you, they He, she, it.
Adverbs of frequency. Connect the percentage (symbol of amount of time) and the adverbs of frequency. 100 90 80 5 0.
PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE: IN, ON, AT. He's swimming__________ the river. IN ON AT.
Connet the following prepositions of PLACE. The plant is_________the table. My friend is ____ the hospital. Please put those apples ____the bowl.
Prepositions of Time: September 12 o'clock Monday.
A dog is bigger than a mouse, but smaller than an elephant. A dog is smaller than a mouse. A dog is very big. A dog is the biggest. An elephant is bigger than a dog.
We usually ______ dinner at 8:00 p.m. Eat Eating Never have eaten I don't know.
Yesterday, we ______ a very interesting conference call. Are having Have Had Were had .
The plane _____ at New York's Kennedy Airport . Took off Took down Landed Drove.
Prepositions The computer printer is _______ the table ______ the computer. On ---- at On ---- next to On ---- on .
She always gets up early ______ the morning, so she can make it to class ______ time. By ---- in In ---- in On ---- on In ---- on.
The thought of eating a rat is abhorrent to most people. Fun, lively Horrible, repugnant Delicious, tasty Sweet, sugary.
I (work) ______________ as a secretary at ABT, but this summer I (study) ______________ French at a language school in Paris. That is why I am in Paris. Am working ---- was studying Worked ---- studied Work ---- am studying Am working ---- am studying.
Pronouns. If you happen to see your parents this weekend, give ___ my best regards. her him them They .
You can trust the salesmen at La Curacao because they always do business in an aboveboard manner. Honestly, openly Sneaky, dishonest Horrible, repugnant Strange, unusual.
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