Master French 9G Sammy Wang

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Master French 9G Sammy Wang

A Master French Test - Project for French class (9G)


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How many countries does France have borders with? 4 6 2 5.
How many different types of cheese does france produce? 60 34 50 46.
How many inhabitants are there in France? 66,030,000 67,020,000 63,040,000 68,010,000.
In how many countries is French the official language? 29 30 31 28.
How often do the French buy bread? Weekly Daily Every other day Monthly.
What are the three biggest cities in Fance? Paris, Lyon, Lille Paris, Marseille, Nantes Paris, Montpellier Paris, Marseille, Lyon.
What drink is france famous for? la réponse fausse - A traditional french drink consisting of wine and apple juice la deuxième mauvaise - A drink created in 2001, named after its creator - Adélaïde Esther la du vin - A simple traditional french drink with a complex method of creation.
What frenchman was the leading explorer of sea life? Jacques-yves cousteau Michel-lein gravois Robert-très rousseau.
What is the french national anthem called? La Chanson La Musique de l'hymne La Marseillaise.
What is the largest airline in France? Chalair Aviation Air France Corsair International.
What is the official name for the country of France? Democratic People's Republic of France (DPRF) French Republic (FR) People's Republic of France (PRF) France (FR).
What is the motto of France? Liberté, égalité, fraternité, French for "liberty, equality, fraternity" Liberté, égalité, démocratie, French for "liberty, equality, democracy" Liberté, égalité, paix, French for "liberty, equality, peace".
What is celebrated on the 14th of july each year? The beginning of the French Revolution. The ending of the French Revolution. The day the liberated France was declared an accepted member of the United Nations.
What is the geometrical shape of France? Hexagon Pentagon Triangle.
What famous cathedral is found on file de la cite Notre-Dame de Paris Réponse-Leurre de Paris Faux-Emplacement de Paris.
Which is the longest river in france? Loire Garoone Rhine Appeau.
What is the highest mountain in France? Mont Blanc Meije Grande Casse Mont Pelvoux.
What is the nickname of the French flag? Tricolour Tricolor White Revolution Blue Revolution Red Revolution.
Which nickname do the French use to call the English? Les rosbifs Le leurres Les westerns.
What is the most visted monument in Paris? Eiffel Tower Le Louvre Palace of Versailles.
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