Miscsec ch1, ch2

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Miscsec ch1, ch2


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In biometrics used in identification, the rate at which the false acceptance rate and false rejection rate meet is the: CER CRA CLT CAR.
A ____ CER indicates that the biometric system is more accurate. lower higher.
Strongest individual method of authentication is: something you are somewhere you are something you know something you have something you do.
IP address is a strong way of using "somewhere you are". True False.
Strongest biometric method of authentication: Iris or retina scans Fingerprint Voice recognition Facial recognition.
Uses two or more factors of authentication:.
Using 2 methods of the same factor for authentication: dual factor single factor.
Comparing Authentication Services: which of the following is a network authentication mechanism used within Windows Active Directory domains and some Unix environments known as realms and provides mutual authentication that can help prevent man-in-the- middle attacks and uses tickets to help prevent replay attacks. Kerberos LDAP NTLM.
Kerberos version 5 requires all systems to be synchronized and within __ minutes of each other. 5 3 7 10.
Comparing Authentication Services: Suite of protocols that provide authentication, integrity, and confidentiality within Windows systems but should not be used. NTLM Kerberos LDAP.
Comparing Authentication Services: Specifies formats and methods to query directories (database of objects that provides a central access point to manage users, computers, and other objects). It is an extension of the X.500 standard. Kerberos NTLM LDAP.
Complex passwords always offer more security. True False.
Indirect trust relationship Default trust Explicit trust Transitive trust Implied trust.
Term for this: • Homer trusts Moe. • Moe trusts Fat Tony. • Thus Homer trusts Fat Tony. Indirect trust Transitive trust Implied trust Implicit trust.
Within an ____ based network, domains use transitive trusts for SSO. AD SNMP VLAN LDAP.
Imagine two web sites hosted by two different organizations. Normally, a user would have to provide different credentials to access either web site. However, if the organizations trust each other, they can use ____ as a federated identity management system. SCP LDAP L2TP SAML.
_____ is a federated identity solutions. It is open source and freely available, making it a more affordable solution than some of the commercially available federated identity solutions. NTLM Shibboleth Kerberos OpenAuth.
What do you associate this with: Instead of creating a different account for each web site you access, you can often use the same account that you’ve created with Google, Facebook, PayPal, Microsoft, or Twitter. Transitive Trust Kerberos LanMan OAuth.
When managing accounts, it’s important to recognize the common types of accounts used within a network. They are: User Guest Privileged Service Temporary One Time Transfer.
What should you initially do with an account if someone leaves the organization? Delete Disable Hide Revoke.
Line em up. Username Password.
Five factors of authentication are: Something you know Something you have Something you are Somewhere you are Something you do.
Weakest individual method of authentication is: something you know something you are somewhere you are something you do something you have.
PIN and PW are: single-factor dual-factor multi-factor.
USB token and a PIN: single-factor dual-factor multi-factor.
LDAP Secure (LDAPS) encrypts transmissions with _____.
Group-based privileges are a form of _____. role-BAC rule-BAC DAC MAC ABAC.
This form of access control says every object has an owner - Microsoft NTFS is an example: DAC rule-BAC role-BAC MAC ABAC.
The _____ access control model uses security or sensitivity labels to identify objects (what you’ll secure) and subjects (users). It is often used when access needs to be restricted based on a need to know DAC MAC rule-BAC role-BAC ABAC.
SSO Solutions: Kerberos Shibboleth SAML LDAP OAuth.
You should remove all shared accounts. True False.
A software defined network (SDN) typically uses ___ model. ABAC MAC DAC rule-BAC role-BAC.
Which access control model is susceptible to Trojan Horses? DAC rule-BAC role-BAC MAC ABAC.
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