N10 - 1.7, 1.8

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N10 - 1.7, 1.8

Cloud, Net Services

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No development needed. Central management of data and apps. Example would be for email distribution or payroll. SaaS PaaS IaaS HaaS.
Outsource your equipment, and it's on your property. You are still responsible for management of equipment and security. Example: Web Server provider. IaaS PaaS SaaS Hybrid.
No servers on your property, no software, no maintenance, no data center or HVAC. You build your own custom applications using their building blocks. Example: SalesForce PaaS IaaS SaaS Hybrid.
You're connecting to a could using a browser. What types of encryption can you use? SSL TLS VPN ACL MAN.
MOST secure way to connect to a cloud is _______ connection.
To handle visibility, compliance, security, and threat detection over the cloud, you should be using ________.
How many DNS root server clusters are there?.
DNS is arranged in:.
DNS is a ______ database.
DNS servers can either be _____ or ______.
DNS can have over 30 types of database records. They are called ____. Resource Records Public Records Report Records Domain Records.
The configurable database of a DNS server from which you do all the lookups is simply a _______.
A DNS record that defines the IP address of a host:.
A DNS record that would list aliases - so you can use a different name or the same name for one or more than one address.
A DNS record used to lookup a service.
DNS mail server record:.
Reverse of A or AAAA record - you give them the name and it looks up the ip address.
A DNS text record that would prevent mail spoofing:.
A DNS text record that allows mail servers to digitally sign outgoing mail.
Because DHCP uses the IPv4 broadcast domain, it stops at the _____. (Normally).
Some routers have a DHCP relay that you can manually configure (ip helper). It converts a DHCP ______ into a ______ and the reverse on the other end.
Console used in large organization to manage IP addressing by planning, tracking, and configuring DHCP. Has a single console so you can see DHCP information for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.
It's common to have a grouping of addresses that will be leased out by the DHCP server. We call this a ______.
IP Addressing in DHCP can be: Dynamic Automatic Static.
IP addresses assigned by DHCP are temporary. This is called _____.
What would reset the lease timer for a DHCP address?.
2 types of DHCP lease timers: T1 T2.
What network protocol synchs switches, routers, firewalls, servers, workstations?.
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