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In twisted pair cabling, which one requires grouding? STP UTP.
Which is more commonly used? UTP STP.
Cables use abbreviations: U = Unshielded S = Braided Shielding F = Foil Shielding I would be written as ________ / _______ TP. Overall cable / individual pairs Individual pairs / Overall cable.
Shared area above the floor in the drop ceiling where air circulates and is shared with cabling is called the _____.
Cable that is plenum rated must have a ______ jacket on it.
Coaxial cable type used in cable tv, digital cable, high speed internet. RG-6 RG-59.
Copper connectors: RJ-11 RJ-45 BNC DB9 F connector.
Immune to radio interference: Optic Fiber STP UTP Plenum rated cable.
Fiber optic SC connectors (square connectors) must consider the physics of how the light is reflected with each connection. _____ reflects less light than _____. APC, UPC UPC, APC.
Fiber optic connector that is round, and has a bayonet twist connection: ST SC LC MT-RJ.
Fiber optic connector that is square and pushes into the connection. Has keys on the edges to make sure you connect it correctly. SC ST LC MT-RJ.
Fiber optic connector that is also square but smaller and has a push down locking connector on top, similar to what you see on a RJ-45 type connection. LC ST SC MT-RJ.
Very smallest size optic connector - always has send and receive cables in same one. MT-RJ SC ST LC.
The termination standards for 8 wire twisted pair copper cables are _____ and _____.
Cable that's used for connecting 2 like devices (workstation to work station, switch to switch, etc):.
Cable for connecting 2 different devices (workstation to network devices):.
Determines if the connection is straight through or cross over and makes the change in the device itself (network card):.
In an office environment, for example, what do all the cables from individual desks go to?.
Patch panel has _____ for cables on one side and _____ for cables running to network switches on the other.
Old style block on patch panel that would have been used for phone.
Tool used to attach the UTP copper CAT cables to the block on the patch panel:.
Short range fiber optic cable - up to 2 km; inexpensive LED light Multimode fiber Singlemode fiber.
Single mode fiber: light can travel up to ____ and it uses ____ for light source.
Device comprising both a transmitter and a receiver that are combined and share common circuitry or a single housing:.
Fiber transceivers can be either _____ or _____ (in terms of signal sending).
Early form of Transceiver standard, about the size of a thumb drive, so relatively large. Used on gigabit networks. GBIC SFP QSFP SFP+.
Smaller transceiver that CAN have a RJ-45 for copper (transceivers are usually associated with fiber optic). SFP GBIC SFP+ QSFP.
SFP transceivers run at ____ speed and SFP+ runs at _____ speed.
QSFP transceivers would be _____ speed and QSFP+ would be ______ speed.
Name these transceiver form factors in order.
Give the wire colors, in order, of a EIA 568B (from 1 to 8):.
What cable medium is the only one that is completely immune to crosstalk and EMI?.
Which CAT cable reduces crosstalk due to each wire having extra shielding?.
What is the common CAT cable used today and how far does it run?.
Typically, ____ will be used on trunk and backbone connections. STP Fiber Coaxial UTP.
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