N10 - 2.4, 2.5

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N10 - 2.4, 2.5

Virtualization, Storage, WAN technology

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The component that provides the link between the virtual world and the physical world is the ______. hypervisor NX bit virtual cache Proxy.
The component that provides the link between the virtual world and the physical world is the ______.
What is used to translate a virtual hosts physical address to the internal private IP addresses?.
In a VLAN, all the components are ______ based. Software Hardware.
To send more data across the network more efficiently, you can increase the size of the packets by using _________.
Which is more efficient network storage? NAS SAN.
Highest speed network storage connection type: InfiniBand iSCSI Fibre Channel FCoE.
Which WAN connection is fastest? E1 T1 T3 E3.
Which of the following is associated with large VoIP phone systems? PBX ISDN VPN PRI.
SONET or T3? Which is faster? SONET T3.
Which is associated with optical lines? SONET ISDN T3 DSL.
Which is associated with telephone lines? DSL SONET T3 ISDN.
In DSL, which is faster? Upload Speed Download Speed.
What is DOCSIS associated with? Cable broadband ISDN DSL Dialup.
What does a "non-terrestrial" communication use?.
Which is associated with high latency? Satellite Cable broadband WiFi ISDN.
Most WANs are wired with a combination of _______ and ______ cables.
Remote sites want to communicate with remote sites without having to go back through the main office. What WAN technology allows this?.
A better way than using PBX for large telephone systems is _______.
Telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines:.
What is the point at which the handoff is made between the 3rd party provider network and your internal network called?.
There are a couple of different types of "customer prem" equipment that take the signal from the external provider network into your network at the demarcation point. CSU/DSU Smartjack.
PoE: The power comes directly from the switch itself: Endspan Midspan.
PoE: You need to provide power to the end device, but your switch doesn't provide PoE, so you need an in-line power injector: Endspan Midspan.
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