Noderstructive Testing

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Noderstructive Testing


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Magnetic particle inspection is used primarily to detect... distortion. deep subsurface flaws. flaws on or near the surface.
What method of magnetic particle inspection is used most often to inspect aircraft parts for invisible cracks and other defects? Residual Inductance Continuous.
The testing medium that is generally used in magnetic particle inspection utilizes a ferromagnetic material that has... high permeability and low retentivity. low permeability and high retentivity. high permeability and high retentivity.
What two types of indicating mediums are available for magnetic particle inspection? Wet and dry process materials. High rentivity and low permeability Iron and ferric oxides.
Which type crack can be detected by magnetic particle inspection using either circular or longitudinal magnetization? 45 degrees. Longitudinal Transverse.
To detect a minute crack using dye penetrant inspection usually requires... that the developer be applied to a flat surface. a longer-than-normal penetrating time. the surface to be highly polished.
When checking an item with the magnetic particle inspection method, circular and longitudinal magnetization should be used to... reveal all possible defects. evenly magnetize the entire part. ensure uniform current flow.
In magnetic particle inspection, a flaw that is perpendicular to the magnetic field flux lines generally causes... a large disruption in the magnetic field. a minimal disruption in the magnetic field no disruption in the magnetic field.
The pattern for an inclusion is a magnetic particle buildup forming a fernlike pattern a single line parallel lines.
A part which is being prepared for dye penetrant inspection should be cleaned with a volatile petroleum-base solvent. the penetrant developer water-base solvents only .
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