Oracle weblogic server 12c: administration i

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Oracle weblogic server 12c: administration i


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You configure a data source with a non XA driver because your (non-Oracle) database does not provide XA drivers. The data source will sometimes participate in global transactions with an EJB, so as you configure the data source you select "Supports Global Transactions" and One-phase commit. Why is this configuration wrong? A. You must choose an XA driver when a data source participates In global transactions. B. "One' Phase Commit" always returns "ready" during phase one of the two-phase commit process' so it is possible you will have heuristic errors in the database. C. "One-Phase Commit" processes this data source last In the global transactions, if the EJB must go last, you cannot use this configuration. D. "One-Phase Commit" only allows this data source to participate in global transaction, so you cannot have a global transaction that includes an EJB.
When creating a dynamic cluster, you have multiple options concerning how dynamic servers are. Which of the following are valid options? A. Identify three supported configurations. B. Use a single machine. C. Use all machines in a subnet. D. Use all machines in the domain. E. Use all percentage of machines in the domain. F. Use all machines whose names match an expression.
Which action should you take to automatically back up the domain configuration when anyone Activates a configuration change? A. USE the backup='true' parameter of the ad activate () command In WLST. B. The administration console , select " Follow Configuration changes" In the Shared preferences for the console. C. In the administration console, select "Configuration Archive Enabled" under the general configuration of the domain. D. Enabling automatic domain configuration creates backups of the configuration during server boot not at each activation.
As the technical lead for your project, you have been asked to recommend a new solution to handle frequently increasing loads on your applications. The Weblogic 12.1.2 domain currently runs with two clusters of three servers with request being filtered and passed by a proxy server that users the round robin algorithm. However, the load sometimes exceeds the maximum capacity of all these servers combined but your domain lacks in scalability. What is the best implementation solution? A. Add a third cluster and spread existing server instances across the clusters. B. Modify the proxy server load balancing algorithm to weight based. C. Configure dynamic clusters and specify the number of server instances you anticipate at needing at peak load. D. Tune work managers to optimize work. E. Replace the software load balancer with a hardware load balancer.
All administrators that deal with the production domain in your organization are extremely experienced. As the lead administrator, you have been asked to change the administration console preferences for all administrators so that inline help no longer displays, since no one needs It. Select the true statement about this scenario. A. There is nothing you can do since inline help cannot be disabled. B. There is nothing you can do for all users, since disabling inline help must be done per user. C. Log into the administration console and disable Inline help under "help." D. Access WLST, connect to the domain's admin server, and use the command enable inline help (false).
You plan to Install WeblLogic Server by using the genetic JAR installer in silent mode. What are two ways to create the required response file? A. First install or deinstall graphically. There is an option to save a response file. B. Use the sample response file in the installation documentation as a template. C. First run the Repository creation utility. There is an option to save a response file . D. The response file is not required. You can answer questions interactively at the command line. E. The genetic JAR installer does not have a silent mode .so you do not need a response file when using this installer.
Your domain consists of 30 servers. You are using the Administration Console. Which is the quickest way to identify the servers that are in a Failed health state? A. Use the Filter button from the domain's Monitoring >Health tab. B. Use the Monitoring >Health tab for each server in the domain. C. Write a custom WLST script to print out failed server. D. Capture a diagnostic snapshot.
You use the Java based Node Manager to start your managed servers. You want Node Manager to: · Stop servers by using your custom stop script : · Restart servers when the hardware cases · Use SSL communication · Check server heath once per second Below are portions of the node manager. properties file. Select the one that configures Node manager as described. A. StopScriptEnabled=true CrashRestartEnabled=true SecureListtenser=true StateCheckinterval=1000 B. StopsScriptEnabled=true CrashRestartEnabled=true SecureListener=true StataCheckInterval=1 C. StopscriptEnabled=true StopScriptName=topic-sh CrashRecoveryEnabled=true SecureListtener=true Statecheckinterval=1000 D. StopScript=true CrashRecoveryEnabled=true SecureListtenser=true E. stopscriptenabled=true crashRecoveryEnabled=true secureListener=SSL statecheckinterval=1000.
Which three statements are true about WebLogic clusters? A. Clusters provide clients with transparent failover. B. EJB applications can be targeted to entire cluster. C. All cluster members must bind to the same port number. D. Cluster members replicate application data by using heartbeats. E. Cluster members can be associated with one or more domains. F. Web applications require a proxy in order to be used in a cluster.
You are using WebLogic Server Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) Instrumentation in a system diagnostic module. The Dye Injection monitor is enabled. You know the diagnostic context ID of the request you are Interested in that was processed by several. You are looking through the messages in the server log file of several. Which statement is true? A. You need to look at the Events Data Archive. Server log files do not contain WL DF context IDs B. You need to look at the Harvested Data Archive. Server log files do not contain WL DF context IDs. C. You need to look at the domain log file. Only the domain log file contains WL DF context IDs. D. You can search the server log file for the context ID. Any message that was written to the log IDs during that request will contain the context ID. E. You need to translate the context ID Into the corresponding transaction ID, which is the only ID in server log file entries.
Your server includes an application that users a generic JDBC data source to connect to a database. However, the network connection between the server and the database is not 100%reliable. Identify two data source attributes that, if set properly can help avoid situations in which the application fails due to a failed JDBC connection. A. Statement Cache Type B. Pool Reserve Mode C. Test Table Name D. Test Connection Mode E. Test Connections on Reserve.
Which three tasks can be performed by the Node Manager? A. Start a server C. Host the Node Manager console. D. Automatically restart a failed server. E. Kill a failed application on a server. F. Kill a server process that did not shut down property.
You created a shutdown class Myclass that you would like to execute just before server shutdown. Which statement is true regarding Myclass? A. Myclass can be specified in the Configuration Wizard as a shutdown class. B. Myclass must be available in the WebLogic server's classpath. C. Myclass can be targeted to only one server instance. D. Myclass must not have a main method.
Consider an existing nondynamic cluster that is currently hosting many libraries, applications, and data sources. You need to scale out this cluster to include a new server. You provision the domain on new machines. What are the two ways to create this new server in the domain configuration? A. Use the Configuration Wizard to add a new server to the cluster. B. Use pack and unpack to copy an existing server in the cluster. C. Use the Administration Console to add a new network channel to the cluster. D. Use the Administration Console to clone an existing server in the cluster.
You need to take a web application offline. Which three options are supported In WebLogic Server when you stop a running application? A. Terminate HTTP sessions immediately. B. Terminate HTTP sessions after three minutes . C. Move HTTP sessions to a database. D. Wait for HTTP sessions to time out. E. Allow new requests only through the administration port. F. Move in progress requests to another server in the cluster.
You use a web browser to log in to a application that is deployed to WebLogic server. When you click a link named "publish" on the site, an Access Denied" message appears. Which two statements are true about this server's security configuration? A. The application is not associated with any security roles. B. A security realms is not configured in this domain. C. Your user account has expired. D. Your user account exists in an authentication provider. E. A security policy is attached to the "publish" link URL.
As part of troubleshooting an application, you need to analyze the HTTP session count and the server heap size over the past six hours. You are using the Administration console. You want to view both metrics together and correlate their values. Which three steps should you take in the Administration console? A. Create a custom view. B. Start the JVM Runtime view. C. Drag each metric onto two charts in the same view. D. Access the Monitoring Dashboard. E. Click the application's Monitoring tab.
An application fails. The exception Indicates that the JDEM data source cannot be found. Identify two possible steps that you can perform to verify the data source's availability. A. Launch the JDBC Diagnostics utility. B. Verify the Dependencies attribute of the data source. C. View the target server's JNDI tree in the console. D. Verify that the application and data source have the same target.
Which three statements are true about the default behavior of WebLogic server proxy plug-ins? A. The proxy will pin a client to a specific server if a session cookie is created. B. The proxy fails over to another server if a connection or request times out. C. The proxy distributes requests to cluster members based on their CPU usage. D. The proxy dynamically learns the latest locations of cluster members. E. The proxy always uses SSL, regardless of the client's protocol. F. The proxy replicates session data to its backup proxy.
Each domain has a directory called servers that contains subdirectories for each server in the domain. When will the managed1 directory be created? A. When the managed1 server is defined in the Configuration WIZARD B. When the domain is created C. When the Administration server comes up for the first time D. When the managed 1server comes up for the first time.
Identify two reasons for defining machines and assigning servers to them in WebLogic servers. A. A machine can be the proxy to a cluster. B. A machine definition is required to configured figure the Node Manager. C. To reference an instance of WebLogic Server, you must know its machine and port. D. A machine is a required organizational unit. A domain contains machines and machines contain servers. E. WebLogic Server users server machine assignments to help it choose servers in a cluster on which to replicate session state. F. A machine's Cluster Weight attribute may be used by load balancers to help them determine how often to send requests to servers assigned to that machine.
You also want to use the default store for transaction logs. Which statement is true? A. This scenario is not possible .You must use the JDBC store to recover transactions from a crashed server. B. This scenario is not possible. You must use clustered managed servers to recover transactions from a crashed server. C. This scenario is common , and so the default configuration of the default store works. D. Before the crash ,you need to update the path to the default store for the managed server. The path should be to some shared storage location. E. After the crash, obtain a copy of the managed server's default store from the administration server. Move it to the same relative location on the new hardware before starting the managed server there.
To support a growing application workload, you need to scale out an existing (nondynamic) cluster. You power up the new hardware and install WebLogic server. Which two changes are mandatory for you to make to your domain configuration? A. Create a new deployment plan. B. Create a new machine. C. Create a new server. D. Add a server to the cluster. E. Add a server to the machine. F. Add the cluster to the machine.
Select the two true statements about upgrading WebLogic server to version 12c (12.12). A. To use the Reconfiguration Wizard, your current WebLogic server version must be 9.0 or higher. B. The Domain Upgrade Wizard is no longer available in 12.1.2. C. After running the wizard to update your domain ,you must reapply your start script customizations. D. You need to update the domain's administration server files.
A WebLogic server (WLS) domain was recently updated from WLS 10.3.6 to WLS 12.12. What is the mode of operation of the Node Manager after the update and what is needed to keep the same behavior as in WLS 10.3.6? A. Nothing, Node Manager runs and behaves the same on both WLS versions B. Node Manager runs in "per machine" mode and nothing is needed to keep the same behavior. C. Node manager runs in "per domain" mode and requires manual steps to return to the "per machine" mode, used in WLS10.3.6. D. Node Manager mode of operating and behavior can be selected in reconfiguration Wizard.
Which three statements about patching Web Logic server (WLS) by using Opatch are true? A. Each patch comes with a "read me" file containing installation instructions. B. You can use Opatch to see which patches are currently applied to WebLogic server. C. Opatch is a GUI tool and requires the operating system to have a window manager. D. Opatch requires a JDK to run. E. After installing WLS, you download the Opath utility from Oracle support. F. Each patch ZIP file comes with the Opatch utility.
You are carrying out the RDBMS Security Store configuration using the configuration Wizard Which three actions can you perform with the Configuration Wizard during the process? A. Create tables in the data store. B. Execute SQL scripts in WebLogic server's server /1ib directory. C. Populate the database tables with external LDAP users. D. Test the connection to a back end database. E. Allocate tablespace for the data store.
YGridLink data sources are designed for use with an Oracle RAC database. By using the Fast Connection Failover (FCF) pattern, GridLink data sources can quickly react when a RAC node goes down. Which two statements are true? A. The Oracle Notification service is used to notify the data source of changes to RAC nodes. B. The reaction is quick, because in using FCF all network timeouts are set very low. C. FCF is faster because it polls and tests connection, freeing the data source from these tasks. D. FCF requires the use and configuration of a database server in the GridLink data source. E. You can use any Oracle Thin database driver with a GridLink data source.
You use the administration console to start a managed server. Select the three statements that must be true. A. In the domain configuration, the managed server is assigned to a machine. B. The Node Manager process is running on the administration server's machine. C. The Node Manager process is running on the managed server's machine. D. The administration server uses one way SSL to communicate with the Node Manager. E. In the domain configuration, the Node Manager has been configured for the machine. F. You have configured the Java based Node Manager. The administration console cannot communicate with the script - based Node Manager.
Which two statements are true about WebLogic data sources? A. Data sources are targeted to a domain. B. Data sources are bound in the JNDI tree of a server. C. Data sources are based on the JMS specification. D. A data source contains a connection pool. E. A domain requires at least one data source.
You are in the process of planning a deployment in which a single WebLogic cluster will host a web application. There are several options to consider. Which is not a valid decision? A. Proxy plug-in or hardware load balancer B. Configured or dynamic cluster C. Replicated or persistent HTTP sessions D. Unicast or multicast communication E. Single or multiple domains.
You shut down a managed server by using the administration console. Which statement is always true? A. The managed server was running on the same machine as the administration server. B. Node Manager is configured properly and running on the managed server's machine. C. You can choose to shut down the server right away or after it completes its work. D. The administration console calls WLST to accomplish the shutdown.
A new machine was given to your department. This machine has two WebLogic server12.1.2 installation, each with different inventories. Which command or tool do you determine the differences in products installed in each of the inventories? A. None, inventories are used by Oracle databases only. B. ORACLE_HOME/wiserver/bin/compareInventory-sh-oracle-home1 < oracle-home1 location > -oracle-home2 < oracle-home2 location >. C. The Oracle Inventory Viewer utility D. ORACLE _HOME2 < oracle _home2 location >.
You are creating a domain by using the configuration Wizard. In the wizard, you select to configure Node Manager. Under "Node Manager Type, you select "Manual Node Manager setup". What does this mean? A. You are using the configuration Wizard to configure a script based Node Manager. B. The configuration Wizard prompts you to change the default Node Manager configuration values. C. The configuration Wizard bypasses all Node Manager configuration. D. You are using the configuration Wizard to configure a Java based Node Manager. E. You must manually copy the Node Manager files generated by the configuration Wizard into Node Manager home.
You need to monitor the HTTP session count for a running web application. Identify three ways to perform this monitoring. A. Run the jstat tool in your JDK. B. Write and run a custom WLST script. C. Use the application's Monitoring tab in the Administration console . D. Use the Monitoring Dashboard in the Administration console. E. Use the cloud control page in the Administration console.
You create a new Work Manager to control how server threads are allocated to an application's increasing requests . You want to further configure the criteria of the Work manager by using a Request class. Identify three valid Request classes that you can to a work manager. A. Uniform Distribution Request class B. Response Time request class C. Max Throughput Request class D. Fair share Request class E. Context Request class.
You want to start the managed server calledmanaged1 in "Standby" mode, to keep it as a "hot backup". A. The server managed1 must be of a cluster. B. Your domain has an administration port. C. Only the admin server can start in "standby" mode. D. There is no such thing as "standby" mode.
You require high availability for HTTP sessions in a web application. In addition, you have the following constraints: · There is little free memory on the machines hosting the cluster. · HA must be guaranteed even when multiple machines fall simultaneously. · You are not allowed to update the production databases schema. Which is the best session persistence option? A. Database persistence B. File persistence C. In-memory replication D. Whole server migration.
Examine the partial server log entry shown below: #### <May 19,2013 8:28:01 PM EDT > <warning> <JDBC > <host01> <managed1> <<WLS kernel >> < > < > < 1369013281005 > <BEA-001129> <Received exception while creating connection for pool -oracleDS1-> Which two statements are true? A. The server's name is oracleDS1. B. The server's machine name is host01. C. The transaction ID is 001129. D. The JDBC subsystem generated the message. E. The user's identity is managed1. F. The severity level of the message is Critical.
You are responsible for configure a WebLogic domain to support an order processing application. This application will communicate with multiple JDBBC data sources to fulfill each customer order. To maintain data integrity across these databases, work will be performed within a global transaction. However, you have learned that one of the data sources in the transaction does not have an XA driver. Which option should you select on this non-XA data source to ensure that orders are still processed as global transactions? A. Ignore Heuristics B. Pinned to Thread C. One phase commit D. Logging connections on Resource E. Test connection on Reserve.
View the following file excerpt, which configures HTTP session replication: < session-descriptor > < persistent-store-type > replicated </persistent-store-type > </session-descriptor > From which file is this except taken? A. Weblogic application.xm1 B. Weblogic-xm1 C. Session-xm1 D. Config-xm1 E. 0 Web.xm1.
You set up two network channels for server to-server communication. You want channel x to be used more than channel Y, so you give channel x a higher channel Weight. You want to see if indeed channel X is used more. You use the administration console and look at both channels under each one's Monitoring tab. What scenario would best assure you that channel x has an overall higher connection rate? A. Channel X Bytes Sent is higher. B. Channel X Bytes Received is higher. C. Channel X Accept Count is higher. D. Channel X Connections is higher.
Consider a domain with an existing JDBC data source, which connects to an Oracle database. Your database administrator requests that the JDBC connections to this database now specify a different username. Which data source attribute would you modify to implement this requirement? A. Properties B. Credentials C. Username D. Login E. URL.
The Administration Server of a domain falls due to a hardware failure. The hardware is beyond repair. Before the failure you prepared a "backup admin server". You go through your planned recovery process and are successful. The Administration Server is now running on different hardware. The managed servers of the domain automatically reconnect to the admin server. Select the two statements that are true. A. Files of deployed applications are available to the backup admin server from the same relative location as they were to the original admin server. B. At the time of the failure ,the backup admin server was running in "Standby" mode on different hardware in the same network. C. When the admin server failed, you must have shut down and restarted the managed servers, otherwise they could not have reconnected to the failed admin server. D. The backup admin server is any one of the running managed servers. You select one of the managed servers, stop it, set its "administration" flag, and restart it as the admin server of the domain. E. The backup admin server must be running at the same DNS name or IP address as the original.
You use the Administration console to modify the domain's security realm. After deleting the default authentication provider, you add a single authentication provider for iplanet LDAP. You then try to reboot your servers with the weblogic user but they all fail to start due to authentication errors. Identify two possible causes. A. The weblogic user does not exist in iplanet. B. The Administrators group does not exist in iplanet. C. A domain must include the default authentication provider. D. Iplanet is not a supported LDAP implementation. E. LDAP providers cannot be included in the default security realm.
You create a new Managed Server in your domain by using the administration console. You give it the listen address of and the listen port of 7100.You save and activate the changes. You use the domain start script to start the new server. It fails, One of the messages in the window in which you can the script is: Server failed to bind to any unable port. You investigate and see that another process is running on on port 7100.You also find many unused ports at that IP address. Which two statements are true? A. It is not an instance of WebLogic Server from this domain running at administration console does not allow you to create a server at the same listen address and port as one already configuration in the domain. B. It is an instance of WebLogic Server running at Other processes do not interfere with WebLogic Server. C. Changes the port number to an unused one to resolve this issue. D. It cannot be the administration server running at 192.0.2.:7100, because admin servers run on port 7001. E. Because this Managed Server has never been started, it does not have a local copy of the configuration. If it did, by using Managed Server Independence, it would be able to switch to an unused port of it s configured port was busy. F. The port number can stay 7100 if this machine has another IP address and the port is unused at that address.
Which two statements are true about multicast communication within a cluster? A. Multicast can be used for cluster heartbeat messages. B. Multicast is used to replicate session state between servers. C. Multiple cluster can share the same multicast address and port. D. You may disable multicast on individual cluster members. E. Multicast traffic is often limited to a single subnet.
Which three runtime metrics can you monitor or collect from WebLogic Server applications? A. Average execution time for a web application URL. B. Number or transaction rollbacks for a web server C. Maximum HTTP session timeout for a web application D. Number of current sessions for an EJB E. Numbers of faults /errors for a web service F. Number of instances of an EJB.
You zipped up the domain's config directory on the administration server's machine before making some major configuration changes. You wait to activate after all the changes have been saved. After your changes are in, hinges start failing badly. You want to go back to the old configuration. What is the best course of action? A. Undo the changes you made manually by using the administration console or WLST. B. 1. Stop the administration server. 2. Replace the config directory on the administration server's machine with your backup. 3. Restart the administration server. 4. Stop the managed servers on each machine. 5. Replace the config directory on the machine with your backup. 6. Restart the managed servers on the machine C. 1. Stop the administration server. 2. Extract only the config.xm1 file from the zip file. 3. Overwrite config.xm1 on the administration server's machine with this extracted file. 4. Restart the administration server. D. 1. Stop the administration server. 2. Replace the config directory on the administration server's machine with your backup. 3. Restart the administration server .
Several applications are deployed to a managed server. You want to compare the number of completed requests for all of these applications. A. Launch WLST and run the viewAppRuntimes ( ) command. B. Access the Monitoring Dashboard. Click the Administration Work Managers view for the managed server. C. Access the Administration Console. Click Monitoring > Work Manager tab for each application. D. Access the Administration Console. Click the Deployments page. E. Run weblogic.Deployer with the status parameter.
You decide to use a database to store WebLogic Server transaction logs for a managed server. Which two steps are required to configure this? A. Under the managed server's Services configuration select "JDBC" as the type for the transaction log store. B. Under the managed server's Services configuration, select "Disable the Default Store C. Create a non XA data source in the domain for the database transaction log. D. Create an XA data source in the domain for the database transaction log.
Which session persistence type is invalid? A. Async_replicated B. async_jdbc C. replicated D. async_memory E. cookie F. file G. replicated_if_clustered.
An administrate in your organization says you do not need to back up the domain files on a machine which only managed servers run. Select the best explanation for this statement. A. This Is true because the domain files can be re created with the pack and unpack utilities. B. This is true (with an exception) because the domain files can be re-created with the pack and unpack utilities. The exception is if your security realm uses the embedded ldap system. Which is not included in the JAR file created by the pack utility. C. This is true (with an exception) because the domain files can be re-created with the pack and unpack utilities. The exception is for applications that are deployed to the managed server. Those files are not included in the JAR file created by the pack utility. If you back those up manually, then pack and unpack can be used. D. This is not true. You need to back up the domain files on a machine on which only managed servers run by using operating system commands (such as tar or zip).
Which statement is true about stopping Node Manager? A. If you stop Node Manager, the managed servers it started will also stop. B. You may kill the Node Manager process by using operating system commands. C. Using the script so Node Manager stops gradually. D. Using the administration console, select the appropriate machine and click stop. E. The administration server goes into ADMIN mode if it can no longer Communicate with Node Manager. F. The managed servers that Nod Manager started go into ADMIN mode if they can no longer communicate with Node Manager.
You are deploying a web application called inventory, war. It has been installed and has the state of "prepared". It is targeted to the Managed server named managed1.The web application' context root is /inventory and the starting page is index .jap. However ,you want to test the application before allowing end users access to it. In the administration console, you select inventory. war, and then select Start and "servicing only administration request." In you web browser, you need to enter a host and port followed by /inventory /index.jap. Which host and port would you use? A. managed1 host and port B. Administration Serve host and port C. managed1 host and Administration port D. Administration server host and Administration port.
You are creating and configuring a cluster by using the administration console. Which two statements are true? A. All servers that will be part of the cluster must be created before the cluster is created. B. You must pick the cluster messaging mode. C. Even though you create a non dynamic cluster, you can change it to a dynamic cluster . D. Once the cluster is created, you cannot change its messaging mode. E. The administration console does not provide a way to manually migrate singleton services. It must be set up to be done automatically or by using WLST.
One Managed Server that is part of a large domain throws java.lang.out of Memory error (OOM) occasionally. You have been monitoring this server with the jvisualVM tool but that didn't help because the issue occurs infrequently and not a specific scenario. So you decided to force the server to dump the heap memory as soon as an OOM gets thrown in order to analyze the dump file later. How do you modify the Java HotSpot Startup command to enable this feature and save the dump in the directory D:\hprof-dumps\? A. Add xx:+DumpHeaponoutofmemory-xx:Dumppath=D:\hprof. B. Add-xx:+HeapDumponoutofmemoryError-xx:Heapdumppath=D:\hprof-dumps. C. Add-xx:+DumpHeaponoutofmemoryError-xx:Heappath=D:\hprof-dump. D. Add-xx:+HeapdumponoutofMemory-xx:HeapDumppath=D:\hprof-dumps. E. Add-xx:+HeapDumponoutofMemoryError-xx:Dumppath=D\hprof-dumps. F. Add-xx:+HeapDumponoutofMemoryExecepttion-xx:HeapDumppath=D:\hprof-dumps.
You are using the Administration console to monitor a resource. Which three techniques can you use to customize the monitoring output? A. Store the rows by a specific column. B. Limit the number of rows displayed. C. Change the order of the displayed columns. D. Views the rows from a specific time range. E. Combine (add) multiple columns together.
You are working for a software company that mostly dealt with creating and reusing C++ and. NET objects. There are many COM (Component Object Model) components that have been created over time that provide standardized functionalities. Recently, platform independence has become a major consideration for your organization and you have deployed WebLogic server12c.But you would like to make use of some of your prebuilt COM objects for request processing. You need an interim solution before implementing web services. Which artifact within WebLogic server helps you achieve your objective? A. Messaging Bridge B. IDL Mapper C. jCOM D. XML Registry E. COM2 Java.
Which two metrics are used to monitor and troubleshoot unicast communication in a cluster? A. Groups B. Master C. Backup server D. Session Replicas E. Local Group Leader.
A web application is configured for in-memory replication and is deployed to a cluster. This cluster is distributed across two buildings on a university campus. For performance reasons, you requires that session replication occur within the building whenever possible. How do you implement this requirement? A. Disable the dynamic server list in the proxy plug in. B. Configure the cluster to use multicast communication. C. Configure the application's cookies parameters. D. Configure each server's replication group.
You need to configure WebLogic Server to satisfy the needs of your new application that will update more than one data set on several databases in the same transaction. Which setting should be considered? A. Enable use xa Data source interface in the transaction properties of each data source. B. WebLogic Server supports distributed transactions by default, so on specific settings are required. C. Split the transaction into multiple local transactions. D. Configure your data sources with the available XA-compliant driver for your DBMS. E. Enable Two-phase commit in each data source.
During a performance test, a server's log includes several out of memory error messages. You are using the Administration console. How can you verify the amount of available heap in the server? A. Click the server ` s Debug > Heap tab. B. Click the server's Debug >Health tab. C. Click the server's Monitoring >Health tab. D. Click the server's Monitoring > Threads tab. E. Click the server ` s Monitoring >performance tab.
You domain's security realm has two authentication provides :1dap1 and 1dap2. Consider these requirements: · If authentication succeeds with 1dap1, then skip 1dap2. · If authentication fails with 1dap1, then authentication must succeed with 1dap2. Which control flag should you use for 1dap1? A. Required B. Requisite C. Sufficient D. Optional E. Click the server ` s Monitoring >performance tab.
Which machines can be configured by using the configuration Wizard? A. machine and Windows machine B. administration machine and managed machine C. machine and UNIX machine D. stand alone machine and cluster machine E. RDBMS machine and LDAP machine.
Before you view JVM performance information in the administration console, you want to request that the JVM do a garbage collection. How can you do this in the admin console? A. You cannot do this from the admin console. You must use WLST or a JVM command- line tool. B. In the Monitoring > Performance tab, click Dump thread Stacks. C. In the Monitoring > Threads tab, click Dump thread Stacks, D. In the Monitoring - Performance tab, click Garbage Collect. E. In the Monitoring > Performance tab, click GC.
In the certification matrix for your version of WebLogic Server , you find the row for your database and its version. In that row, in the "type of database use" column, it says "application data access only". Your database cannot be used . A. By the administration server B. For internal data storage by WebLogic server C. By a multidata source D. In a production environment E. By an Enterprise JavaBean.
Which three statements are true about the administration console? A. The administration console can be disabled. B. The context path of the administration console may be changed. C. If a domain is in Development Mode the administration console no longer requires an administration level user when logging in. D. If a domain is in production Mode, access to the administration console must be made through a secure port. E. If the domain's Administration port is enabled, access to the administration console must be made only through that port.
You are setting up a GridLink Datasource. What function will help you to seamlessly connect to a dynamic oracle RAC installation A. Simple Connection Access Node B. Single Connection Anonymous Network C. Simple Client access Address Name D. Single Client Access name.
An online store web application is deployed to a WebLogic server cluster. User of the application frequently complain that the information in their shopping cart vanishes before they are able to complete an order. You use the Administration Console to monitor the web application. Which metric is the most relevant to this problem? A. Average execution time B. Session timeout C. Current session count D. High session count E. Cookie domain.
Consider a domain that includes a dynamic cluster of three servers. Your network administrator requires all servers to bind the specific domain name Which Administration console action implements this requirement? A. Use a $(macro)in the server templates listen address. B. Assign each dynamic server a separate machine. C. Create multiple server templates for the cluster. D. Update the cluster's listen address prefix.
You see a script called start in Windows) in the root folder of your domain. What does this script do? A. Starts a machine B. Starts Node Manager C. Starts a Managed server D. Calls the script in the domain's bin directory E. Calls the script in the domains bin directory.
A WebLogic Server instance can have multiple network channel for it. Each channel for the server must have a unique combination of two element. Identify these two elements A. Tunneling enabled B. Listen address C. Listen port D. Listen ports E. Channel weight.
A WebLogic server domain contains a dynamic cluster called "cluster1".The cluster "cluster"1 has two dynamic managed servers "server1" and "server2". There is a need to view the inherited attribute values for "server2". How do you view all attributes of "server2".including those inherited from the server template? A. Use WebLogic Administration console >"server" link. B. Use java weblogic.Deployer. C. You cannot, because attribute values are not inherited. D. Use WLST.
You are troubleshooting why transactions are not being committed. After investigation, you realize that these transactions have enough time during the first phase of the two phase commit, but not enough time during the second phase. Therefore, rather than committing, they are timing out and are being rolled back. Which Java Transaction API (JTA) attribute needs a larger value? A. Timeout seconds B. Abandon Timeout seconds C. Before completion Iteration Limit D. Checkpoint Interval seconds E. Unregister Resource Grace period.
You are using the configuration Wizard to create a new domain that will consist of a cluster of three managed servers along with an instance of WebLogic server acting as an HTTP proxy to distribute traffic to the cluster. Which three steps should you perform with the configuration Wizard? A. Create one cluster . B. Install Oracle HTTP server. C. Create one coherence server. D. Create four managed servers. E. Assign three servers to a cluster. F. Specify a proxy port for the administration server.
You decide to use a database to store WebLogic Server transaction logs for a managed server. Which two steps are required to configure this? A. Under the managed server's Services configuration, select "JDBC" as the type for the transaction log store. B. Under the managed server's Services configuration, select "Disable the Default store." C. Create a non-XA data source in the domain for the database transaction log D. Create an XA data source in the domain for the database transaction log.
You are using the Configuration Wizard to create a now domain that will consist of a cluster of a of three managed servers along with an instance of WebLogic server acting as HIPT proxy to distribute traffic to the cluster. Which three steps should you perform with the Configuration Wizard? A. Create one Cluster. B. Install Oracle HTTP Server. C. Create one Coherence server. D. Create tour managed servers. E. Assign three servers to a cluster. F. Specify a proxy port tor the administration server.
The startup of a Weblogic Server instance fails with the error message: already in use Which two methods help identify what is currently listening at the port and the Ip this server is configured to be bound to? A. The pmap command lists all processes running with their associated port member. B. The UNIX 1sof command can report information on the process that is listening at a particular IP and port. C. netstat, which is available on Windows and Linux/UNIX, can report on the process bound to this IP and port. D. Pstat will report detailed runtime statistics on any process currently listening at this IP and port. E. The Linux port watching tool port info can raise an alert anytime a process attempts. succeeds, or fails to connect to a specific IP and port. It can also be used to identify if a port is being used by a java process.
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