Part Of Speech

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Part Of Speech

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She WENT to the market and bought some eggs Verb Adverb noun.
What are you doing THERE? Adverb Verb Proper noun.
JOHN is my best friend Proper noun Noun adverb.
She looked UP but didn´t see anything Adverb adjective noun.
My FAMILY live in different parts of India noun verb adverb.
She was VERY impressed with her results Adverb Verb Preposition.
ALTHOUGH she is poor, she is happy Conjunction Preposition Adverb.
Have we bought ENOUGH chairs? Adjective Pronoun Conjunction.
The policeman didn´t run fast ENOUGH to catch the thief Adverb Adjective Noun.
I want to go NOW Adverb Adjective Noun.
The cat is UNDER the bed Preposition Conjuction Noun.
I helped him BECAUSE I liked him Conjunction Preposition Adverb.
Do it QUICKLY Adverb Verb Pronoun.
Selena is my BEST friend Adjective Pronoun Verb.
My father works is a FACTORY Noun Pronoun Adjective.
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