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Plant Test

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Plants are classified into tow groups. What are they? vertebrates and invertebrates vascular and nonvascular plants and animals seeds and spores.
Most flowering plants reproduce with spores mosses seeds tubes.
______________________ are one-celled reproductive bodies in which mosses and algaes use for reproduction. seeds tubes cones sproes.
A ______________ is a small plant that is enclosed in a protective coating. spore cones seed tube.
_________________ plants have tubes. vascular nonvascular nonflowering conifer.
Most plants that need to lie near water and/or in a shade are plants that reproduce with __________________________. seeds algae cones spores.
Mosses, angaes, and seaweeds are all examples of plants that are _____________________. vascular nonvascular flowering nonflowering.
Plants make their own food through the process of ________________ transpiration respiration pollination photosynthesis.
Which of the following is the correct formula for photosynthesis? water+CO2+sunlight+chlorophyll water+CO2+chlorophyll water+CO2+sunlight water+chlorophyll+CO2.
_____________ occures when a plant is not growing, but is also not dead. This usually occures in the winter. photosynthesis dormancy pollination hibernation.
Which of the following are not examples of strutural adaptations for plants? bright colored and smelly flowers thorns poison sproes.
What are the TWO ways in which plants reproduce? vascular seeds nonvascular spores.
Select the THREE that are vascular plants. trees mushroom flowers ferns apple.
select the two examples of nonvascular plants moss algae sunflower trees.
Select two plants that reproduce by seeds conifers fern moss flowering plants.
________________ plants do not have tubes. non tube plants flowering nonvascular seeds.
The tubes of a vascular plants carry _______________ throughout the plant nutrients sunshine air sugar.
Non vascualr plants live near________________ to absorb it directly into the cells grass water seeds sunshine.
A plant that makes seeds in cones is called a ______________________. conifer flower sun nonvascular.
What is the male part of the flower? petal stamen roots sepal.
What is on top of the male part of a flower that contains pollen? flower pistil anther sepal.
What is the femal part of the flower called? flower pistil anther ovary.
What kind of tuve does the femal part of a flower have? pollen tube travel tube open tube stamen tube.
In the femal part of the flower, there are ovules or eggs. Where are they located opening anther overy pollen tube.
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