Plant maintenance/2

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Plant maintenance/2


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Maintenance BOMs are primarily used for the following purposes Strcture description Assignment of spare parts Maintenance tasks.
A maintenance bill of material (BOM) is a complete, formally structured list of the components making up a technical object or an assembly. The list contains the object numbers of the individual components together with their quantity and unit of measure. The components can be stock or non-stock spares or assemblies, which in turn can be described using maintenance BOMs. True False.
Using maintenance bills of material presents the following advantages Materials planning (when using maintenance task lists) Materials/spares planning (when using maintenance orders) Locating malfunctions (when using maintenance notifications) Plant malfunctions (when using maintenance notifications).
BOMs contain important master data, which is used in many organizational areas, such as Production Materials planning Product costing Maintenance.
The BOM structure is reflected in the different technical categories of BOM provided in the PM system, more than one answer is correct Simple BOM Variant BOM Multiple BOM.
Controlling Functions: What prerequisites must be fulfilled so that you can settle an order? The order must be released The order must have the status " Settlement rule entered" In the customizing for order settlement, the receiver category must allow settlement The order has not yet been settled The orders must have the status"Technically completed".
You can make certain settings for each order type in the Customizing for orders. Which of the following statements are correct? You use the order type to define the pricing procedure You link the budget profile to the order type in Customizing You use the order type to define the settlement profile Since PM01 Should be considered as an international service order, you must activate revenue posting for PM01.
PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE/SERVICE: You must observe the following relationships when creating measuring points for performance based maintenance planning The measuring point must be entered in the object list The measuring point must be labeled as a counter A characteristic must be defined for the measuring point.
Which of the following statements about multiple counter plans are correct? A cycle set can contain several cycles with different dimentions All operations for the task list are always due whwn multiple counter plans are called up You can use the link type to determined whether a planned deadline is called up when only one of the cycles is due or when one odf the cycles are due. Count list can be included in a multiple counter plan with or witout reference in a strategy.
Deadline monitoring in maintenace planning results in: Sheduling of a number of maintenance plans to be specified Calling up of maintenance orders when due Checking of attendance times of the maintenance planner and technician Monitoring of the basic dates for all maintenance orders.
MASTER DATA: Which of the following influencing factors should you take into account when deciding how to structure technical object? Reporting and maintenance/service cost Searching for technical objects Data update and maintenance history Tracking technical objects when changing the installation location Creating of the chart of accounts in Asset Accounting.
Data transfer: Which of the following statements is correct? You can decide in each individual case whether or not the field contents in the functional location should be copied from the superior functional location, copied from the reference location, or maintained individually. A field contents in the functional location are always maintained manually.
Which of the following statements is relevant for copying pieces of equipment? If a piece of equipment is created wth reference to another piece of equipment, a dialog box appears, asking which sub-objects ( classification, permits or measuring points/counters) should be copied from the refference equipment. Organizational data, such as plant and cost center, must specifically indicate that a piece of eqquipment can be created with reference to another piece of equipment.
Maintenance /Service Processing: The general viewer for notifications and orders: Unables an unlimited number of selection variants Unables monitor functions based on the priority Unables the creations of totals and groupings Can be set centrally for all users Unables sorting according to several sort criteria, resultinh in hierarchical sorting ( that is first by characteristic A, then by characteristic B, and so on).
Basic start and end dates in the order header Can be pre-defined and changed using the priority Can be set manually Can be dertermined and changed using scheduling May differ from the scheduled start and end dates Are binding specifications, within which the operations must be executed.
What are the advantages of material planning in the order? Planned cost in the order Improve procurement planning Provition of materials for the order for the requirement date More competative purchasing price High material stock.
Which settings can you make in the Customizing activity: Define notification types" for each notification type? You define wether notifications of this notification type are updated in the information system You create deferrent notification categories for PM and CS You use the reference time to define which date and time are proposed by the system when the notification is completed.
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