Programming Languages Lesson 7

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Programming Languages Lesson 7

Lesson 7

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One of the original intentions of computer programs was the evaluation of _________.
constructed from mathematical operators, operands, parentheses and functions.
1 operand as in C’s I++ .
2 operands (the usual form) .
3 operands, as in C’s conditional .
the order that the operators are evaluated.
refers simply to the modification of some kind of state.
When a function changes a parameter which is passed back or changes a global variable .
if the same operator used for different types.
going from a larger type to smaller type .
from smaller type to larger .
almost always safe, narrowing -rarely safe (lose information) .
implicit type conversion initiated by the compiler due to the use of an arithmetic operator .
always have lower precedence than arithmetic so that the relational comparison is performed after any arithmetic operations .
Boolean operators .
A ____ evaluation of an expression occurs if the result can be determined without evaluating the entire expression .
Also known as reassignment .
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