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Chapter 7 Memory

Nicholas Hurtekant
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What is memory? the process by which we encode store and retrieve information The initial momentary storage of information Memory that holds information for 15 to 25 seconds.
Match the type of memory with its definition. Long term memory short term memory sensory memory.
A(n) ___________ is a meaningful group of stimuli that can be stored together in short term memory.
There appear to be two types of declarative memory: _____________memory, for knowledge and facts, and _____________memory, for personal experiences. .
Some memory researchers believe that long-term memory is stored as associations between pieces of information in _______________ networks.
Not remembering someones name from a short time ago is called the?.
_______________ is the process of retrieving a specific item from memory.
What is it called when you know exactly where you were and what you were doing at the time of an important world event?.
A person experiencing flashbulb memory could also remember the color of their shoes, or what clothes they were wearing. Ture False.
_________________ are organized bodies of information stored in memory that bias the new information is interpreted, stored, and recalled.
_________________ theory state that the more a person analyzes a statement, the more likely he or she is to remember it later.
If after learning the history of the middle east for a class two years ago, you now find yourself unable to recall what you learned, you are experiencing memory___________, caused by nonuse.
Difficulty in accessing a memory because of the presence of other information is known as ____________.
________________ interference occurs when material is difficult to retrieve because of subsequent exposure to other material; ______________ interference refers to difficulty in retrieving material as a result of the interference of previously learned material.
Affects alcoholics; may result in hallucinations. Affects alcoholics; may result in hallucinations. Memory loss occuring without other mental problems. Beta amyloid defect; progressive forgetting and physical deterioration.
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