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Which feature is available for NPIOs? Time entry Participants Requisitions Incident conversion.
Which NPIO enables you to efficiently track the usage of investments provided and supported by one department and consumed or used by other departments? Asset Service Product Other work.
What are examples of NPIOs? (Choose three.) Task Asset Service Resource Application.
Which NPIO type can be converted into a project? Idea Product Application Other Work.
What ways can you create a project? (Choose three.) Use the New from Template button Use the Copy from Template button. Use the New button in the My Projects portlet. Use XOG to import legacy project data from another system. Scan a Gantt chart created in another system and import the resulting .tif file.
How can you reduce the list of all projects to find a specific project? Use the Filter feature. Use the Location feature. Use the Reduction feature. Use the Shorten List feature.
What are examples of resource types? (Choose three.) Time Skills People Expenses Materials.
Which statement about the Allocate from Estimates function is true? The allocation value will be equal to or less than the ETC value after this function has been run. Allocation segments are created to replicate when the ETC values are scheduled on project tasks. The Allocate from Estimates option will lock the Hard Allocation segments of a resource based on the ETC values of tasks. Allocations are rounded down to a specific percentage of the total daily capacity based on a setting on the Project Management -> Settings page of the Administration menu.
Which page only displays key tasks by default? Filter Task List Property Task Filter Assignments.
You have been asked to outdent a WBS item; however, the feature is unavailable. Which reasons provide an explanation? (Choose two.) Items are not editable outside of the WBS location. The item is a summary task. Top-level tasks in the WBS cannot be outdented. The feature is hidden due to your permissions and a project manager will have to give you access credentials. The indent and outdent features are unavailable while unsaved edits exist. Make sure you save or discard your edits to enable those actions.
For a finish-finish task dependency, what is the correct order assigned to the predecessor and successor task? The predecessor task must start before the successor task can start. The predecessor task must start before the successor task can finish. The predecessor task must finish before the successor task can start. The predecessor task must finish before the successor task can finish.
Which project data element does not move when a resource is replaced with another resource on a project? ETC Actuals Allocations Project role.
A project plan created in Microsoft Project or Open Workbench failed the save process. How did this occur? It has been scheduled in a browser. It contains an incompatible scheduling variable. It does not include issue, risk, or change request records. The resource and task data from the original project schedule cannot be validated.
Which feature enables you to build and schedule projects directly in the user interface and web browser? Gantt chart Resource Max Load Percentage The bidirectional Microsoft Project interface The bidirectional Open Workbench interface.
Which Actions list option do you select to create a cost plan from resource allocations? Copy a Cost Plan Set as Plan of Record New from Task Assignment New from Investment Team.
Which features characterize benefit plans? They are mandatory. They are used to calculate planned ROI. They are easier to quantify than cost plans. They define the periodic costs that projects incur.
When you view the Effort Rollup subpage of a parent investment, which columns of data are displayed? (Choose three.) EAC Actual work Baseline work Remaining cost Planned benefits.
When creating an action item, which option enables the action item to occur multiple times? Priority Due date Recurring Time Before Reminder.
Which project role can create topics against which participants can start discussions? Developer Project manager Program manager Collaboration manager.
When creating a risk, which field affects the values on the Risk Rating subpage of the investment? Status Owner Category Impact Date.
From which components can you link associated tasks? (Choose two.) Risk Issue Process Action Item Change Request.
Which statements about baselines are true? (Choose two.) Multiple baselines can be created for a project. Baselines identify relationships between projects. Baselining can only occur after resources start entering time. Changes in scope might require a new baseline to be set at a future date.
What are requirements that must be met before a project can be deleted? (Choose two.) Project is inactive Project marked for retention Project does not contain time entries User must have <Investment> - Edit rights.
Which attributes help you determine when to use a program instead of a master project and subproject? (Choose two.) Use only milestones Assign staff members Create and apply a WBS Require read-only access in the scheduling tool Connect to scheduling tools with read/write abilities.
Which project attributes must be satisfied before you are able to convert the project to a program? (Choose two.) Contains no tasks Not financially enabled Contains only milestones Must be a master project Contains at least one staff member.
Where can you view processes that are being built? From the Home menu Within the document From Portfolio Management From the Administration menu.
Which subtabs are available from the Processes tab of a project? Available and Built Initiated and Escalated Available and Initiated Available and Escalated.
Which tab enables you to see the steps in an initiated process? Available Initiated Escalation Summary.
What is the usual first step to update a resource? Create requisitions. Locate resource data. Book resources to an investment. Perform resource capacity planning.
Which object in the application can act as a placeholder in the project template to initially staff your investment? Roles Cost Plans Requisitions Rate Matrices.
You have been asked to supply the names of 3 developers who are available for 40 hours next month. As a resource manager, from which page do you initiate your search? Project Staff Resource List Resource Finder Resource Requisitions.
Which feature enables you to allocate identified resources to a project? Book Capacity Allocation Skills Match.
The resource requisition has been fulfilled and the suggested resources hard-booked to your project. After reviewing the allocation values as the project manager, you now determine that a resource is not a good fit. What do you do? Change the requisition status to Open. Transfer the ETC value from the selected resource. On the Team tab, select the resource and click Propose. Submit a Resource Requisition to unbook the resource.
After the resource requisition request has been fulfilled and the resources booked to your project, you are looking on the Team tab and notice the allocation values have transferred from the role to the resource, but the ETC values remains at zero. What do you do? Delete the resource and rebook. Manually assign the new resource to the project tasks. Update available hours on the resource properties page. Contact the resource manager to have the resource requisition run again.
Which statements about Resource Planning portlets are true? (Choose two.) All users can see these portlets All users can update data in the portlets Data in the portlets is restricted by user access rights Access to the portlets is restricted by user access rights All resource and investment data is included on the portlets for all users to examine.
Which statements about resource planning are true? (Choose two.) A resource can be booked to multiple projects. The booking of resources is restricted by availability. A resource can be booked to only one project at a time. A resource can be booked for more hours than they are available in a time period.
On which portlet can you see a histogram row for each resource and investment to which the resource is assigned? Capacity Workloads Weekly Detail Booking status.
How do you know if a scenario is being applied to a given page? The toolbar us yellow An icon and a lock symbol appear The toolbar is the standard gray color It says SCENARIO APPLIED at the top of the page.
Capacity planning is a forward-looking activity that is intended to do what? Allocate resources to projects. Prioritize the work that needs to be completed. Examine how much time a resource can dedicate to a project. Monitor the planned work required against the resources available to perform the work.
Why does the Scenario toolbar turn yellow? To indicate that the data on the page is able to be edited To indicate that the data visible on the page cannot be edited To indicate that the data visible on the page is not actual data To indicate that the data on the page is actual data, not “what-if” scenarios.
Which steps do you perform when you set up financial data in the application? (Choose two.) Create an entity. Define locations. Configure incidents. Create a requirements matrix.
In the hierarchical structure for defining a financial framework, beginning from the top of the hierarchy, which order is correct? Class > Relation > Entity Project > Department > Entity Investment > Entity > Resource Entity > Location > Department.
Maintenance Work, Administrative Work, and Development Work are examples of which type of class? Resource Company Investment Transaction.
The Financial Management Processing page enables you to configure entity-based security. Which options are available for security? (Choose two.) Strict Parent Departmental CA SiteMinder.
What happens automatically when you create a department? The Department OBS is created. A Department portfolio is created. An entity is created, if no entity exists. Department units are added to the Department OBS.
Which statement about setting the currency default in the application is true? You cannot change from multi-currency to single currency. You can change from single to multi-currency once by using technical assistance. You can change from single currency to multi-currency any time from the Financial Management Defaults page. You can change from multi-currency to single currency any time from the Financial Management Defaults page.
Which item represents a work breakdown associated with investments? (choose two) Charge code Cost Plus code Cost Plus rules Input type code.
What is true of matrix columns? From Date and To Date are the only default columns. The columns are read and evaluated from left to right. From Date and To Date are always the last two columns. There are up to 10 variables to select as differentiators for a line item in the Cost/Rate matrix.
Which statements about billing types for projects are true? (Choose two.) You can bill the standard type using chargebacks only. The contract billing type is no longer available for projects. Retainer always has a predetermined limit on the final amount. If the project is financially enabled and transactions are processed, the type cannot be changed.
Which investment types does the application include? (Choose two.) Asset Virtual Partner Application.
Which statement about setting general transaction properties is correct? A task must exist on the investment. The resource needs to exist on the project team. Selecting Preserve General Information automatically submits your transaction. Any values you enter for Cost and Rate fields might be overwritten if a rate matrix exists.
Which statements about entering transactions are correct? (Choose two.) You must create a transaction header first. After a transaction is listed under its header, you cannot delete the header. Transactions can be deleted without deleting the header they are listed under. If it is a non-labor transaction, the non-labor resource incurring the expense cannot have a primary role.
Which transactions appear in the Invalid Transactions log? Only transactions with invalid attributes Posted transactions with invalid financial attributes Pending transactions and transactions that failed to post Only transactions that are scheduled to post, but are invalid.
Which statement about the Project Transactions Inquiry report is true? (Choose two.) It only shows labor transactions. The transactions it shows do not need to be posted to WIP. It shows every transaction that will have a financial impact on an investment. Transactions must have posted through financial processing to be available for this report.
Which WIP posting methods are available in the application? Local and global Full and selective Object-level and process-level Project-level and resource-level.
Which statement about WIP adjustments is correct? Modifications can be performed in bulk. All WIP adjustments remove some element of the audit trail. A transfer moves the transaction to the new record and deletes the old record. Reversals and modifications need review and approval while transfers are directly reposted.
Which rule determines how to charge remaining costs for a specified time period? Credit Standard Overhead Investment-specific.
What must you set up to charge departments for overhead costs? Debit rule Credit rule GL account Chargeback.
Why might you use the Team tab on a service page? Create departments to consume the service. Create various tasks such as effort tasks for the service. View which members of your organization use the service and why. View capacity planning information for the roles staffed to the service.
Which statements about the service hierarchy are true? (Choose two.) A service can be the child of a service. A service can be the child of an investment. The top element of a hierarchy is always a project. A service or investment that does not exist will be created automatically when you add it to the hierarchy.
Apart from approving and rejecting an invoice, which actions can you take? (Choose two.) Lock Pool Reallocate Regenerate.
You are a department manager and you want to view an audit trail for a service. However, no audit information is available. Why might this be the case? (Choose two.) Auditing does not occur for services. You do not have sufficient access rights. You have not created an auditing process on the Audit tab. The application administrator has not configured any auditing fields for the audit trail.
Where should a service manager view alerts and current metrics about a specific service provided to customers? Service portal Service dashboard Provider dashboard Customer dashboard.
Which statement about Provider dashboards is true? It is displayed on a Provider portal. It aggregates data from various departments. It displays portlets specific to a provider department. Its tab will not appear on pages that contain a Customer dashboard.
Which field in the Target section of the Properties page of a portfolio is read-only? Benefits Total Cost Capital Cost Operating Cost.
In the Portfolio Cost Total portlet, if you enter values in a period outside of the start or finish dates of the portfolio, which column will remain unchanged? Target Variance Distributed Target Distributed Target (Total).
Which functionality on the Waterlines page helps you to compare your portfolio investment total values against the targets? Gauges Gantt view Attribute Registry Weighted ranking rules.
Which additional functionalities does the installation of the PMO Accelerator add-in provide? (Choose two.) Waterline Portfolio Default Layout Portfolio dashboard pages PMO-Portfolio Investment Dashboard.
When you create a plan from a portfolio, the data for several portfolio fields is copied into the new plan. Which fields are read-only? (Choose two.) Currency Start Date Plan Roles Finish Date Capacity Unit Type.
Which page do you access when you want to add more attributes to your weighted ranking rules for a portfolio? Targets Plans tab Attribute Registry Lookup Value Weighting.
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