Revit architecture assessment test 2

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Revit architecture assessment test 2

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Which of the following is raster data that can be imported? Staircase Ramp Logo image Roof.
Which ONE setting do project files NOT inherit from the template? Wall types Sheets Views Workflow Levels Object Styles.
Which TWO statements are true about a wall? You cannot connect a wall to floors You cannot connect a wall to ceilings You can place a window in a wall You can join a wall to other walls.
Which of the following are types of keynotes? Element Structure Material User.
Select the views in which you can create rooms. Floor Plan Ceiling Plan 3D Ortho Section.
Which of the following schedule types helps you show details about the assembly of a component? Note block Drawing list View list Material takeoff.
After you select a view type and scale on the Option Bar, what do you do next to create a callout view? On the Design Bar, View tab, click Callout Click to define the comers of the callout Drag the blue controls to resize the crop region, if required From the right-click menu, select Go to View.
Which Two text parameters can you format which placing the text? Leader Alignment Depth Angle.
Which of the following do you need to specify when you create custom stairs? Run Riser Ref Plane Boundary.
Railings and stairs are component families that can be loaded from library files. True False.
Which TWO statements about roof sketching methods are true? A roof footprint is a 3D sketch of the perimeter of a roof You set the start and end points of a roof to determine the depth of the extrusion You can draw a footprint by sketching the profile of the top of the roof in an elevation or section view A roof footprint sketch must be a closed loop.
You can place dimension between faces of nonparallel model objects. True False.
Which tab contains the Window tool? Design Modify Home Insert.
Which is door Instance parameter? Level Thickness Door Material Height.
Which value of the Structural Usage parameter will turn a structural wall into an architectural wall? Bearing Non-bearing Structural combined Shear.
Which statements about grid lines are TRUE? Beams snap to grid lines Columns snap to grid line intersections Grid lines are visible in all views You can add grid lines to plan, section, or elevation views.
Which grid properties can you modify? Name Type Position Elevation.
In the Revit project file, every drawing sheet, 2D and 3D view, and schedule is a presentation of information from the same underlying building model________. View schema database projection.
The Term parametric refers to the _________among all elements of model that enable the coordination and change management that Revit Architecture provides. characteristics relationships similarities differences.
When you make a chance to the model, Revit Architecture immediately determines the effect of change and reflects that change to any affected ____________. models drawings views elements.
The Project Browser shows a logical organization of all views, schedules, sheets, groups, linked Revit models, and other parts of the ______________. current project user interface properties palette view control bar.
The __________allows you to define settings relative to the placement of element. View control bar Status Bar Options Bar Project Browser.
When you create a project, Revit Architecture provides many default materials to choose from. If necessary, you can create custom materials or change the settings for existing material. New and changed materials are saved as part of the ______________. Material family Project template Material library Project file.
________families create the building components that would usually be purchased, delivered, and installed in and around a building, such as doors, windows and furniture. system In-place Basic Loadable.
When modeling a floor, the floor ________ must be a closed loop. type boundary slope function.
In Revit Architecture, doors are hosted components that you can add to any type of ________. wall view model element.
To define the extents of a room, you must use room bounding elements or room separation ________. families parameters lines tags.
To generate a list of interior finishes, you schedule properties of a ________. level wall material room.
To change the global display setting for a category of elements in a project, you modify its ________. Visual style Visibility/graphic overrides Object styles Display styles.
You must place an elevation tag to generate an elevation________. view parameter element sheet.
To duplicate a view that includes annotation and model elements, you right-click on the view listed in the Project Browser and select ________. Duplicate as a Dependent Duplicate with Detailing Duplicate Exact Duplicate.
To turn off the visibility of wall in a view, you modify its________. Visual styles Visibility/graphic overrides Object styles Display styles.
The ________ is a set of horizontal planes that control object Visibility and display in plan views. View Range Section Box Crop Region Scope Box.
To change the fill pattern display for walls cut in plan, you override the ________. Projection/surface pattern Cut pattern Line styles Cut line styles.
To place a schedule on a sheet, you ________. Click on the schedule in the project browser and drag it onto the sheet. Right-click on the schedules in the Project Browser and click Send to Sheet. Define the schedule as a hosted view in the sheets properties. Define the schedules sheet location in its view properties.
After you place a section view on a sheet, the Section Tag displays ________. the view scale the view name the sheet number all sheets referenced.
A stacked wall is comprised of one or more ________ wall types. generic simple basic complex.
When you model a roof, it is automatically associated with a ________. level wall view material.
When you change the height of a level, all of the associated elements will ________. be deleted move highlight stay the same.
When you create a new level, ________ view are created by default. coordination sheet plan elevation.
When you trim or extend elements to a corner, you click on the portion of the elements you want to ________. move keep remove offset.
To move an element, you must start by selecting a ________before you select a new location. dimension location line mark point.
To view the Instance parameters of an element, you use the _________. Properties palette Project Browser Properties filter Type Selector.
Values that specify the properties common to all elements of a particular family type are called ________ parameters. Instance Type Element Shared.
________ Families are predefined in Revit Architecture and saved in template and project files. Nested Linked Loadable System.
When placing aligned dimensions, you can set the option to prefer all of the following EXCEPT: faces of core faces of finish wall faces wall centerlines.
Which of the following statements is false? To add/remove a witness line from a multi-segmented dimension, you click Edit Witness Lines and select the reference you wish to add/remove. To change a witness line in a multi-segmented dimension, you select the dimension and click on the Move Witness Lines control of the reference. To change a witness line in a multi-segmented dimension, you click Edit Witness Lines to select the existing reference and drag it to a new position. To change a witness line in a multi-segmented dimension, you click Edit Witness Lines to select the existing reference and select the new reference.
In Revit Architecture, properties associated with a tag can display in _________. 3D drafting views legends schedules.
You can place tag for an element by _________. category family manufacturer function.
Which is NOT a type of leader? Curved Diagonal One segment Two segment.
You are NOT able to _________ elements in a linked Revit file. hide view schedule modify.
To modify the display of a linked Revit file, you modify the _________ for the view. type styles visual styles visibility/graphic overrides graphic display.
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