SAP ABAP Certification

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SAP ABAP Certification


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What is the fastest way to move one internal table to another internal table (assuming two tables of similar structure)? append lines of table1 to table2. loop at table1. Move: table1-field1 to table2-field1, table1-field2 to table2-field2. Append table2. Endloop. table2[] = table1[]. loop at table1. Move-corresponding table1 to table2. Endloop. move table1 to table2.
Which one of the following is true about a function module? Function modules are locally accessible objects. Function modules have inbound and outbound parameters. Function modules have no built-in exception handling. Function modules CANNOT be created by a programmer. Function modules use a shared memory area.
Data: field1 type I value 10. End-of-selection. Subtract 2 from field1. Write: / 'field1 =', field1. Start-of-selection. Add 5 to field1. Write: / 'field1 =', field1. Initialization. Field1 = 5. Write: / 'field1 =', field1. What is the result after executing the above code? field1 = 10 field1 = 8 field1 = 8 field1 = 14 field1 = 5 field1 = 5 field1 = 3 field1 = 8 field1 = 5 field1 = 10 field1 = 8 field1 = 8 field1 = 14.
Which one of the following commands is used in drill-down reporting? AT LINE-SELECTION MODULE SET_SCREEN LEAVE SCREEN END-OF-PAGE ON VALUE-REQUEST.
A GUI-Status is created in which transaction? Flow Logic Menu Painter GUI Painter Screen Painter Status Painter.
Dialog programs have which naming convention? ZPBOxxx SAPMZxxx ZDIAxxx ZPAIxxx Zxxx.
Which one of the following statements creates a GUI-status in a dialog program? set pf-status '0100'. set screen '0100'. set gui-status '0100'. set gui-status = '0100'. set status '0100'.
What is an object which CANNOT be transported? A local object A change request A development object A task A class.
Which dictionary structure contains system fields? SYSTEM SYTAB SYST SY SYS.
An internal table ICODE contains the following entries: field1 field2 -------------- John 12345 Alice 23478 Sam 54321 Bob 10000 IF NOT ICODE[] IS INITIAL. SORT ICODE BY FIELD1 DESCENDING. READ TABLE ICODE WITH KEY FIELD1 = 'Sam'. WRITE: / SY-TABIX. ENDIF. 1 2 3 4 Sam.
Where can you find the SET/GET parameters that has been assigned to a screen field? More than one answer is correct. in table TPARA. in the object list of the module pool. in the F1 help for the screen field under technical info. in the field list of the screen in the screen painter. in the window with possible values.
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