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Excellent for Certification
Diffrent Interfaces that you use to edit your structures Organization and Staffing Expert Mode Simple Maintenance.
Two employees can hold 60% and 40% of one position. True False.
Jobs are important in the following components Shift Planning Personnel Cost Planning Career and Succession planning Compensation Management.
Match the correct code for each object type. Position Persons Org unit Jobs Cost Centers.
Which object hold position within organizational structure ? Persons Manager Supervisor.
Match the correct relationships An Org Unit reports to another organization unit A position belongs to an Org Unit A Job describes a position A person is holder of a position.
The relationships between the basic ojects result in the following structures : Organizational Structure Reporting Structure Staff assignment Payroll Structure.
Database HRP1001 doest'nt store Relationships External Relationships.
Report to copy plan version is RHCOPL00 RHCOPLPT.
What are various planned status assigned to each infotype record Planned Status Submitted Status Approved Status Rejected Status Active Status Unapproved Status.
Define Time Constraint Class Information must exist for the entire existence of an object.The content can be changed. Information is optional but can exist only once at the same time. Information is optional. Several data records can exists at the same time.
All relationships between internal objects are stored for each objects in logical database PNP PCH PAP.
To use department indicator at your company,you must set the switch in table T77S0 to 1. PLOGI PLOGI PPABT PPABT PLOGI ORGA.
The planned compensation infotype IT1005 allows you to assign the planned remuneration to COST CENTERS WORK CENTERS.
To view staff assignments along the organizational structure you would use which evaluation path O-O O-S-P O-P.
Match the reports and its corresponding functions RHINTE00 RHINTE10 RHINTE20.
Work Centers describes the physical location of person working True False.
Cost Centers can be assigned to Organization Unit Position Both.
An org unit reports to another org unit can be established by relationship : A 002 B 002.
A position belongs to an org unit can be depicted by : A 003 A 007.
A job describes a position can be depicted by A 007 A 008.
A person is assigned as a holder of a position can be depicted by A 008 A 011.
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