Sap CO -Profitablilty Analysis

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Sap CO -Profitablilty Analysis

TFIN22 Management Accounting II Part II

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__________ is the key Organization unit within CO-PA.
More than one controlling area can be assigned to an operating Concern True False.
It is recommended that you have only one operating concern for the sake of simplicity. True False.
If only one operating concern is opted the contolling areas and company codes should share the same fiscal calender True False.
With reference to the Organization units, validate the following statements. Please note more than one correct answer(s). The controlling area is the highest organization unit within CO-PA The operating concern is not the highest organizational unit within CO-PA The Plant represents a production center. It is the Primary Unit organization unti in operations and Manufacturing. The company code is an independent accounting unit within a cient. The legal requirements of the Balance sheet and P & L account are fulfilled at the company code level. .
________________ are the analytic dimensions of the Profitablity Analysis.
Characteristics such as Sales Organisation , customer , product are predefined automatically for the operating concern. True False Not sure.
Characteristics which are predefined for an operating concern are known as Fixed Non Fixed.
Non fixed Characteristeris can be added to an operating concern. But there is a limitation to the no of Non fixed characteristics that can be added. Chose the correct answer 10 25 45 50 100.
Non fixed characteristics should be added to the filed catalog before they can be put to use to define a new operating concern True False.
The characteristics in Field Catalogue can be accessed by any client in the Sap system True False Not sure.
The filed catalog originally contains some suggested characteristics which might be used in a new operating concern definition. There are two ways to add other characteristics to the filed catalogue. One of them is to choose an _______ field from certain SAP Tables, which must be ______ characters long or less. The other is to create a characteristic independently which would begin with ___ and be ______ to ______ characters total.
Check table with Valid characteristic values are available for to check the data that flows into COPA. Say True or False.
You can use characteristic that already exist in the other applications when you define your operating concern True False.
Partner roles defined in the structre of other applications can also be copied as characteristics in Profitablity analysis eg. PAPartner in Sales and Distribution True False.
You can create new characteristics that are only required in PA. To derive the values for these characteristics you need to define your own derivative strategy. False True.
How will you define the characteristics for the customer group, customer district, and country. ( Chose the correct answer(s). You can use the predefined characteristics available in the field catalog You can define a new characteristic with your own derivative stategy You can configure this in the master data.
Which are the following are the fixed Characteristics. ( Five options are correct chose the correct ones) Product Number Company code Billing type Business area Profit center Cost Center Sales order.
Value Fields ( Validate the following statement and check the correct ones) Fields that store the basic quantities and amounts for reporting Can be highly summarized ,summary of cost element balances or highly details like singly cost element balance Have fixed and non fixed Value fields for a new operating concern Need not exist in Value filed catalog before they can be used to define a new operating concern Cannot be accessed by any clients Should be created for Calculated items also such as net sales and contirbution Margin There are no fixed value fields for an operating concern Need to exist in Value filed catalog before they can be used to define a new operating concern Need not be created for Calculated items such as net sales and contirbution Margin.
In account based COPA all values are updated to accounts in three different currencies under fixed basic key figures which are accessed for reporting True False.
You define __________ of your operating concern when you set up your system. This is done by selecting the __________ you want to use in the data structure of the operating concern.
In Costing Based COPA , the data is always updated in the Operating Concern currency only True False.
You can change the operating concern currency any time. True False.
Each company code is assigned to a controlling area and each controlling area is assinged to a operating concern. The operating conern can have its own fiscal variant. But the variant you chose for the operating conern must agree with that for other areas. True False.
The performance of Costing base COPA in execution speed of a report in another application is faster than the Accounting based COPA. Validate this statement True False.
You need to activate the data structures that has been defined to generate the operating envionment. True False.
To define data strucutre ______ the required characteristics and value fileds to the operating concern and _______ them .
You need not have to reactivate the operating environment when you add a new characteristic or a value field. True False.
When you reactivate the operating environment the exisitng transaction data is affected. True False.
Match the following with the appropriate tables CE4XXXX CE3XXXX.
SAP recommends that the data be summarized at higher level, something other than customer or product level, for Account based COPA to minimize the no of summary records, True False Not acceptable.
Predefine templates of operating concern is easy to use . It provides you an insight into the profitability analysis. This enables you to adjust your customizing settings and copy these and then use the copied and ajusted operating conern productively. Validate these statements No it is better to define new template , which will bring a better control to suit the user requirements Yes , the predefined templates can be customized to our requirements and then copied and used in the production environment.
Which of the follows helps us to view reports and planning layouts with example data to demonstrate clearly how the system works. ( Choose the correct answer) Customizing Costing based COPA reports Accounting based COPA reports Application Examples.
Match the following Customer Group,Material Group and Sales District Customer, Controlling Area,Profit Center, Sales Organisation Posting Date, Fiscal year,Cost Element Revenue,Customer Discount,Price reduction,Variable Production costs,Number of Employees.
With reference to Characteristics Derivation we can say ( Chose the correct answer(s) Derivation supplements or overwrites certain automatically mapped Characteristic values Derivation strategy is a sequence of steps where each step uses one derivation technique to calculate one or more values for one more characteristics Control Attributes can be assigned to each step , such as conditions for execution , reacations when unsuccessful, and overwrite authority Derivation steps which are created by the system at generation time are modifiable.
With reference to Valuation Validate the following statements ( Chose the Correct answer(s) Valuation supplements with calculated ,retrieved or otherwise assessed values for the data being passed directly from transactions into COPA Valuation strategy can contain COPA costing sheet, Sales order management pricing proceedures ( in planning), product costing calls,and user exit calls in a sequence. You cannot customize the sequence of the Valuation strategy. Valuation starategies needs to be assigned to record types, points of valuation and plan versions when applicable to be activated Valuation is opitional. Valuation is mandatory. .
Which of the following fields cannot be overwritten with derivations in sales order management transactions Sales organization Business Area Distribution channel Division Customer Product Profit Center.
The standard derivation strategy of each operating concern is automatically created by the System True False.
The automatically derived standard derivation strategy can be customized True False.
If a new characteristics that need to be derived from other characteristics is defined, the derivations steps for the same needs not be added to the standard strategy to define this derivation. True False.
Derivation is not applicable for external data uploads. True False.
Validate the following Statement with refernce to Derivation Rule. Choose the ones which you think are correct. It is used to dertermine the characteristic Values through user defined logic It helps in determining the target characteristic values based on the values of other characteristic values ( source values) It can configured to apply for all situations It can be configured to apply only if certain conditions are fulfilled. You have an option either to give an errors message or ignore the errors and proceed when the rules cannot dertermine the Characteristic values. It must be time dependent. .
A customer while configuring the PA analysis has not configured any derviation steip for Ship-to Party filed, where as sold-to party has been configured, Which of the below function he will use to populate the Ship-to party field. Choose the correct option Derivation with Move and Clear Derivation Rules Derivation through Lookup .
The __________ function enables to analyize all the flows of actual data to PA.
Using a ________ , helps to dertermine which cost estimate should be used with which validity date for valuation. .
Idenity the actual Value flows that can be analyzed using a value filed analysis functions Transfer of biling documentation Incoming Sales orders from Sales Distributions Direct postings from Financila Accounting and Materials Management Actual Costs.
__________ and discounts are transferred to profitablity segments in PA at the point of billing in Sales Order Mangement.
The value fileds in the costing based COPA contains the ________ and _______that you want to report on.
Value fileds represent the finest level of details at which costs and revenues are broken down True False.
Match the statements with correct COPA Data is transferred as soon as it is created short-term upto date data As in FI Transferred to value fileds Transferred to cost and revenue elements Reconciliations values fileds with accounts Imputed costs Always reconcilied with FI.
Costing Based COPA enables to determine the anticipated profits . True False.
The posting of Goods issue causes changes in the costing based COPA True False.
________defines the conditions that are permitted for a particular document and the sequence in which the system takes these conditions into account during pricing.
A ________is a representation in the system of some aspect of your daily pricing activities. A ________defines a combination of fileds that identifies an individual condition record. An________ is a search strategy that the system uses to find valid data for a particular conditions type. (Choose the correct opition) condition table, condition type,access sequence. access sequence, condition table, condition type condition table, access sequence, condition type condition type, access sequence, condition table condition type, condition table, access sequence.
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