SAP:FI - Reporting & Solution Mananager - ECC 5.0

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SAP:FI - Reporting & Solution Mananager - ECC 5.0

SAP:FI - Reporting & Solution Mananager - ECC 5.0

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Where do we find the various required reports in SAP system? Infromation System (GL, AR, AP & AA) Role based user menus. System services. Favourites.
Match the following for the Reports with the suitable prefix. Customerreports Vendor reports General ledger Reports Document reports.
Accounts payable infromation system splits into reports for: Vendor balances Vendor line items Vendor master data payment transactions.
Choose the correct statement regarding Report variant. We can define multiple variants for one report. Each report variant contians different selection criteria. A Variant is a selection memory for a specific quantity of saved seslection criteria. You enter the values only once and save the variant and can be used for several occasions. creating a variant with your owin selection critera, thereby reducing time and effort later, is particularly useful for reports that are used frequently or periodically.
If we select "Only for background processing field", then the variant is only permitted for the background processing. If not the variant is permitted for both background processing as well as online processing. True False.
We can only change the variant if we select "protect variant" indicator. True False.
Choose the correct option regarding SAP List Viewer. SAP list viewer is a generic tool that creates a standard ergonomic list from predefined data. We can use it for display of simple and hierarchical sequential lists. A SAP list viewer contains a number of interactive functions such as sorting, summation, Filters, select columns etc. we can choose between ALV classic list and ALV grid control.
Choose the correct statement regarding layouts in R/3. when you display a list, you can choose between different layouts. Standard layouts starts with "/" and can be used as a default layout. You can choose user-specific layout, provided that you can save as variants. Standard layout is the layout that applies for all users.
We can create customized reports based on the Evaluation versions, Evaluation views and evaluation types. True False.
Choose the correct statement related to Drilldown reporting. Drilldown reporting is a dialog-oriented information system for evaluating data from the FI, GL, AR and AP databases. SAP Graphics, SAPmail and various printing functions are connected to drilldown reporting together with Microsoft word for windows and Microsoft excel. We can use the Report painter to create drilldown report forms, which are required for drilldown reports in FI. Drilldown report defination contains charecteristics, key figures and forms.
Example of characteristics in drilldown reporting. Company code Business Area Plan / Actual indicator Fiscal year Posting period.
Choose the correct statement related to characteristics values in drilldown reporting. Charecteristic values are concrete forms of a charecteristic. Possible values for the characteristics could be 0001, 0002, 1000 or all the company codes defined in the system.
A combination of characteristics and characteristic values is generally called an object in drilldown reporting. True False.
Key figures are not just values and quantities but also calculations involving the values and quantities with user-defined formulas. True False.
Choose the correct statement related to Key figures in drilldown reporting. Example of Value : Balance sheet values, Debit totals, sales / purchases. Example of Quantity: Number of employees, sales quantity. Example of claculation: Sales per employee, plan / actual variance. None of the statements are correct.
The detail list and the drilldown list are the two types of lists available in drilldown report. True False.
Single axis and dual axis are the two types of forms available for drilldown reporting in FI. True False.
Choose the different types of forms used in Drilldown reporting. Single Axis form without key figures. Single Axis form with key figures. Dual Axis form with key figures Dual Axis form without key figures.
If you are using a single axis form without key figure, you define either form rows or columns with characteristics. When you access the initial screen, the system displays an empty list with columns. True False.
If you are using single Axis form with key figures, you define either the form rows or columns with key figures and characteristics. When you access the initial screen, the system displays an empty list with rows. True False.
In drilldown reporting if you are using a dual axis form with key figures, you define the form rows and the columns with key figures and characteristics. when you access the initial screen, the system displays an empty list containing rows and columns. You are free to define whether the rows contain key figures and the column contains characteristics, or vice versa. True False.
SAP BW uses a multilevel architecture to enable maximum flexibility. True False.
SAP BW can extract and deploy data from; SAP R/3 & R/2 systems External systems Flat files Commercial data providers Other SAP BW systems.
SAP BW server delivers all of tools required for: Modeling Extracting Implementing Summarizing Saving Call up the data.
SAP BW users can access data using the SAP Business Explorer, a standard web browser, or third party presentation tools that are certified for use with a general BAPI interface. True false.
In SAP BW an Infrosource is a quantity of information that logically belongs together, summarized into a single unit. True False.
The Infosource is located in the BW system and contains the communication structure. True False.
A communicatin structure delivers the data that is to be sent to the Inforcube. True False.
A communication structure contains InfoObjects, which represents data that logically belongs together for the Infosource. True False.
The datasouce in the OLTP system contains the extraction source structure and the transfer structure. True False.
The central data containers on which SAP BW reports and analyses are based are called Infocubes. True False.
Infocubes contain two types of data: key figures and characteristics. True false.
An infocube consists of multiple InfoObjects. True False.
A SAP solution management is the statergy and the SAP solution manager the technical infrastructure to realize it. True False.
The SAP solution manager brings in a new era of solution management covering all relevant aspects for implementation, operations and continuous improvement. True false.
As an integrated platform, the SAP solution manager occupies a central position in the customer's solution landscape, supporting distributed sytems, regardless of the complexity of the solution landscape (SAP and Non-SAP components) True false.
SAP solution manager is a central customer platfrom that integrates: Tools Methodologies contents and services that are needed for implementation and support. None of the statements are correct.
The SAP solution manager provides support during the project start regarding the functional and technical implementation. False True.
SAP solution manager is a customer platfrom that can be used to map and doucment the entire customer specific solution, including both SAP and non-SAP components. True False.
SAP solution manager provides a central point of access to design, configuration and testing activities in the system components. True False.
SAP solution manager is the only platfrom available that can support integrated business process from solution desigh through implementation to ongoing system monitoring in a productive solution landscape. True False.
SAP solution manager enables proces oriented design, configuration, testing and on going system monitoring during operations, regardoess of the complexity of the system landscape. True False.
With the Business process repository, the SAP solution manager provides central access to the list of perdefined business scenerios that serves as the starting point for determining the scope of the porject ot be implemented. True False.
The Business process repository is a package of reusable, predefined business process content consisting of : Business Scenerio documentation. Transaction assignments IMG assignments Configuration Guides Pre-defined test cases.
In the realization phase, the customer-specific solution defined during business blueprint is configured and tested. True False.
Different phases of project life cycle supported by SAP solution manager. Project preparation Blue print Realization Final preparation Go-Live and support. .
SAP solution manager also supports cross-functions such as, Road maps: To lead the implementation and support teams through the project lifecycle for both technical and functional. Message handling system: Enables issue reporting and tracking; can be utilized by end users, internal support and external SAP support. Reporting: Enables you to obtain information about the status of your project and the progress made in activities such as blueprinting, configuration or testing in each phase of the project.
Which of the following are true with regards to the functions of the Schedule Manager? The Schedule Manager facilitates year end closing It can only be used for FI and CO All employees with appropriate authorization can find information on outstanding tasks and can schedule additional tasks You can use the Schedule Manager to check when and which activities are to be executed and with which results they have been executed The Schedule Manager provides integrated error handling.
Which of the following is true with respect to the Solution Manager? It is phase driven It is process driven It is re-engineering driven It prototype driven.
You want to schedule a new task using Schedule Manager. Which of the following are prerequisites? (Multi) You create a task list You must create a task group You must insert a task group in a task list You must insert a task in the task list You must insert a task in a task group.
Which are true about accelerators? Hardware tools for optimizing They can not be found in knowledge corner Are only customer documents Are collections of descriptive text, how to document templates & examples on subjects relating to SAP implementation They contain concise information test templates & forms.
What is true about variables? You may not use parameter ID in value variables Value variables may be used in all of your row, column and general data selections Value variables may be set up for key figures in the report Value variables may be inserted at header level in library Value variables may contain a range of values.
The Schedule Manager enables: Planning the resources of the organization Planning the employees Periodic processing of month end tasks Scheduling reports for a future date.
Solution Manager - What does the Business Process Repository contain? IMG assignments Transaction Assignments Business Process blueprint Scenario Documentation.
Which of the following is NOT a delivered role in SAP R/3 Solution Manager? Project Manager Development Consultant Team Member Support Engineer Technical Consultant.
The Business Process Repository does not contain which of the following? Scenario Document End User Training and Documentation Transaction Assignments Configuration Guides IMG Assignments.
The Solution Manager: A Client Platform An SAP Platform A Client and SAP Platform A Customer Platform.
Configuration is part of Business Blue Print? True False.
What is contained in the header of Schedule Manager: Calendar Settings Time Period for Processing Interval in minutes for the daily overview Task List.
Solution Manager what is the purpose of the Support Desk To ensure that all messages are raised directly to SAP thus eliminating the use of internal IT resource in a company It forces customer to raise all messages in the solution manager Allows for messages to be routed to end user support who can then contact SAP for a solution if they cannot solve it on their own.
For which of the following phases a direct transaction does not exist in Solution Manager? Project Preparation Business Blueprint Realization Final Preparation Go Live and Support.
Solution Monitoring consists of Support Desk System Monitoring Service Level Management Business Process Monitoring.
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