Sap fi (set i) certification questions

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Sap fi (set i) certification questions

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nomikhanxyz ( uploaded 5 years )
Hi Sam ,Very good questions and compilation keep it up
Please if you make test bank for Basic ERP ,Netweaver and Solution Manager (TERP01,TERP02 AND SM001) we will must be grateful for this.Thanks
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Document can contain maximum line items. 9 9999 999.
Cash Journal can used to post following objects. (2 options right) Asset Master Customer Material Master One time Customer.
Types of cross company transaction. (2 options right) Central procurement Central Payment Central procurement payment.
Customer want to adjust a slight change in posting an incoming payment what options they have to use to adjust. (2 options right) Tolerance group for employees Tolerance group for GL accounts Tolerance group for Customer/Vendors.
For these accounts, balance is transferred to retained earning account & account is set to Zero. (1 option right) Balance sheet account Profit & Loss A/c. Balance Sheet account and Profit Open item account.
Advantage of park document. Dual control possible Document number can be assign by externally.
While posting expenses in cross company transaction, treatment of tax posting. While posting common expenses in cross company, tax has to be distributed manually in all companies. While posting common expenses in cross company, tax has to be distributed automatically in all companies.
Possible ways of posting assets acquisition. (3 options right) by MM by accounts payable by clearing by cash journal.
Your customer has acquired foreign company, to serve the purpose of accounting has to assign country chart of a account, where he can assign country chart of account. Country chart of account can be assigned in the company code segment Country chart of acccount can be assign in the chart of account segment Group chart of account can be assign to chart of account.
These are required to set to execute the payment run. (2 right) Company Code Bank Currency Payment Method.
If your customer wants, branches making the transactions and head offices are making payments on behalf of branches, where can do these settings. Alternative payer/payee Head office & branch.
Sequence of field status from high to low. Hide-Display-Required-Optional Display-Required-Hide-Optional Required-Optional-Hide-Display.
Steps in implementation roadmaps. Project preparation-Blueprint-Realisation-Final preparation-Go live & support Blueprint-Project preparation-Realisation-Final Preparation-Go live & support.
You are posting GL account and while saving the transaction you got the error 'Account types not allowed'. What is responsible for this? Posting Key Account type Document Types Transaction.
Purchasing of stock process in organisation. (1 right) Purch Req-PO-Goods receipt-Invoice verification-Payment Purch Req-PO-Goods Receipt-Dunning & Payment-Billing PO-Purch Req-Billing-Goods Receipt-Dunnign & payment.
Sales process in organization for products. Incoming Orders-Transport-Delivery-Billing-Dunning & Payment Sales Req-PO-Transport-Delivery-Billing-Dunning & Payment.
You received short payment against invoice & your tolerance limit is not allows you to make posting. (1 right) You will park the document & later the person with high tolerance limit will post the document You will post the document as it to increase the tolerance limit You wil manually increase your tolerance limit & will post the document. Posted as residual item and can be posted to account assigned to a reason code.
You have the different reporint requirements like reporting for internal auditor, external auditor, and management. You will create different FSV for different types of reporting. You will create one FSV will different variable for different types of reporting.
Features of reports. Characters and Key figures Forms and Characters.
To open new fiscal year in asset accounting, following two are requirements. You need to close fiscal year in FI. You need to close the fiscal year in AA. You need to post the depreciation & asset balances.
You can post the depreciation for the following CO objects. WBS element Cost Center Internal Order Profit Center.
To carry out cross company transaction following is the requirement. (1 right) Have to use same chart of account & Fiscal year variant. Have to use same chart of account & posting period variant. Have to use same chart of account & currency.
Following are types of special GL transactions. Noted items Free offsetting items Automatic offsetting accounts.
No of call up points provided for FI: Document Header Document Line item Complete Document Park Document.
One additional cost center was wrongly created in the system, your customer wants to automate that if the entry is posted to this wrong cost center, then it should post to correct cost center. We need to activate substitution here, need to set prerequisite as a wrong cost center & then it shoudl be substituted by correct cost Center. We need to activate substitution here, need to set prerequisite as a wrong cost center & then it shoudl be Validate by correct cost Center.
Your customer enters the wrong document; suggest him the possible ways of correcting document. Delete the document Reverse the document Reversal by negative reversal.
Two basic transactions that you can use to clear open items. Account clearing. Posting with clearing.
When we enter 'V' in the 'invoice reference' field these are used to activate the payment terms on the... Non-invoice related credit memos Invoice related credit memos.
The closing cockpit can be used as an application tool For recurring entries. For non-recurring entries.
For closing cockpit can be used as an application tool and closing pricess which cases. Tasklist that are derived from the task list template Closing process are documented for later checks.
LVA using collective management Any no of assets per master record When posting : check against a permissible maximum amount.
For a netweaver what has cross integrating with the various system and applications based on (1 right) Portal MDM Sap BW Web applications SAP XI.
For net weaver on cross-company unified master data (1 right) MDM Web application Portal XI.
For dunning procedure what is required? Minimum days in arrears to the no of grace days. expense and charges.
For using paraller accounting in asset accounting. When u define cross company transaction in asset class u can define 2 asset class 2 Depreciation areas Different Chart of accounts.
What steps to follow to settle AUC on a line item basis. (3 right) Summary settlement not being released The posting procedures settles all the line items to which distributino rule is assigned One selects all the line items to the specified receivers define distribution rule.
What all fields are used while posting an asset acquisition. Document Type Transaction Type Asset Master Asset Class.
HIDE and REQUIRED causes Error Hide Required.
How one can prevent duplication of accounts? Using match codes Using vendor invoice comparison Activate automatic duplication check.
Two types of transfer Intracompany transfers Intercompany Transfers Online trasnfers.
Using reports you can consists of different charachsteristics in an application Report-report interface running report.
Various options available for creating value adjustments for receivables. LVA as a special g/l transaction Flat rate individual value adjustments Expense from flat rate value adjustments to value adjustments.
Define financial statement Enter it in the directory of FS Version Define hierarchy levels and assign accounts Define in line items and levels.
When is a customer invoice be posted, which elements are required to be completed. Company code and charts of accounts Charts of accounts and sales area Company code and sales area.
When is a Vendor invoice be posted, which elements are required to be completed. Company code and charts of accounts Charts of accounts and sales area Company code and Purchase area.
Where is vendor account number defined Client level Company code level Both at client and company code level Company code and purchase area.
What are the advantage of PMW. Formats can be changed without making modifications New formats can be created without any programming Better sort options for advice notes Formats can not be created without modifications.
To make setting for profit center update what you will do Assign the profit center update scenario to ledger create additional non leading ledger Create additional leadign ledger.
If only a cost accounting section is defined in new GL, what additional all sections or fields can be used Cost Center, consolidation, businesss area, profit Center, Segments Cost Center, consolidation, business area, profit center, tax accounts Cost Center, Consolidation, business area, profit Center.
Your customer want to close the fiscal year, what are the activity to be carried Carry forward balance Run Balance sheet evalution option.
Functions of fiscal year variant. (2 right) Posting periods (16 normal periods and special periods) Opening periods Posting periods (56 normal and special periods) Controlling/managing (special periods and say to day periods).
Non Invoice related credit memo is raised and payment term 30 days is entered, without writing V in reference field and writting invoice reference. It's a valid transaction It's invalid transaction Transaction will be blocked.
Field which is filled automatically when you mentioned short field. Document type Assignment/reference Amount.
If real time integration of CO-FI is made which scenarios will create the FI document (2 right) Creation of CO document Assessment of 2 cost centers of chart of accounts Test run for settlement of depreciation of auc in the G/L a/c Distribution of assessment of cost centre in costing.
what is the advantage of posting a down payment to special GL account Can see the entry is appendix A separate reconciliation account is used separate from normal posting Down payment request is manged Down payment automatic clearing is done.
When is an FI document been created PO Purchase requisition Invoice received.
What does depreciation area defines Posting to GL account Posting to subleder.
If vendor is also a customer or vice versa, the payment program can clear the open items against each other, state the steps Enter vendor account number in customer account or vice versa Select clearing with vendor field incustomer account or corresponding field in vendor account.
What type of dunning lists are available Blocked accounts Blocked Line Items Sales statistics.
Functions of regrouping Sorts receivables and payables acc to remaining life Make adjustment postings Settles the changed reconciliation accounts Corrects the bad debts and credit checks.
Need to find foreign currency valuation Define valuation method Define valuation area.
To perform automatic flat rate individual value adjustments Valuation adjustment key appropriate adjustment and bad debts and expense account/ you carry out valuation run IVA.
Benefits of accrual engine Automatic calculation of accruals Supports Paraller reporting Automatic periodic postings.
Closing activitiy of accrual engine Reconciliation Balance Carry Forward.
For taking customer complaints, your customer give credit memos, which accounts are affected. Receivables and expense Payables and expense Receivables and revenue Payables adn Revenue.
To use segment reporting what is need Activate new GL Use post 2005 version Dont' remember all the options.
It's supports people, place etc...integration Netweaver Portal SAP XI.
What are the characteristics considered when one creates a variant - can be made Required Hide deleted highlighted.
What is an Interactive functions provided by SAP list viewer? Can create a subtotal for predefined area for specific value Mass Change Report-report Interface.
What are the life cycle phases of solution manager? Implementation Optimization operation.
The Web-as application consists of: ABAP J2EE.
Which are mandatory activities to close the book? Run balance sheet open item analysis Run the carry forward Run the planning and budgeting Run fiscal year change in AA.
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