Sap fi transaction codes - enterprise structure

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Sap fi transaction codes - enterprise structure

SAP FI Transaction codes / SAP FI T codes

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Creation of Company .
Creation of Company Code.
Assign Company Code to Company .
Creation of Business Areas .
Creation of Fiscal Year Variant .
Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant .
Creation of Chart of Accounts .
Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts .
Define Account Groups .
Define Retained Earnings Account .
Define Posting Period Variant.
Assign Company Code to Posting Period Variant.
Open and Close Posting Periods.
Define Document Types.
Define Number Ranges.
Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts  .
Define Tolerance Groups for Employees .
Assign Users to Tolerance Groups.
Define Field Status Variants.
Assign Company Code to Field Status Variants.
Assign Country to Calculation Procedure.
Enter Global Parameters.
Creation of G/L Account Centrally.
G/L Document Posting.
G/L Account Posting - Enjoy Transaction.
Display Document.
Change Document.
Display G/L Account Balances.
Display G/L Account Balances for Open Item Managed A/cs.
Copy Company Code Settings from one Company Code to another.
To see the changes in the G/L Account Master.
Define Posting Keys.
Post Parked Documents.
Individual Reversal.
Mass Reversal.
Reversal of a Cleared Item.
Creation of Vendor Accounts Groups.
Creation of Number Ranges for Vendor Account Groups.
Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups.
Maintain Customer/Vendor Tolerance Groups.
Creation of Vendor Master.
Posting of Vendor Invoice.
Posting Outgoing Payment.
Posting Vendor Invoice - Enjoy Transaction.
To View Vendor Account.
Vendor Credit Memo.
Vendor Credit Memo - Enjoy Transaction.
Cross Company / Inter Company Transactions.
Creation of House Bank and Assign G/L A/c in House Bank.
Down Payment Request (Noted Item).
Down Payment Made.
Transfer of Advance from Special G/L to Normal by clearing Special G/L A/c.
Automatic Payment Program.
What is IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards International Finance Reporting Standards International Financial Reporting Standard.
Financial Statement Version (F.01 and).
Dunning Procedure.
Define Organisational Structure in SAP (Check Comment for details).
Explain Automatic Payment Program (FBZP) Steps.
ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming Advanced Business Application Program Application Business Advanced Programming.
Define additional local currencies for company code.
Terms of Payment.
Create Bank Key.
Define House Bank.
Electronic Bank Statement (EBS).
Maintain controlling area.
FI to SD integration.
FI to MM integration.
Customer Balance Display.
Vendor Balance Display.
Report Painter - Create.
Report Painter - Change.
Report Painter - Display .
Report Painter - Delete .
How System determines GL Accounts for SD .
FI to MM integration - Assignment of account Automatic posting .
How to join tables .
Currency Creation.
Types of Exchange Rates.
New GL activation.
How to extend vendor account in SAP.
Remove Year end closer for Company Code MM.
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