SAP_GHK_Simple finance_1503

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SAP_GHK_Simple finance_1503

SAP Simple Finance

Guntupalli Hari Krishna
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The authorization object is required to execute s finance on premise 1503 FINS_MIG FINS_MG .
Which functions are always affected by the migration to simple finance ? Foreign currency valuation Reconciliation between controlling and financial accounting COS Consolidation preparations.
high level system perquisites for migration? ERP ECC 6.0 EHP7 HANA DB SAP BUSINESS SUIT .
The following transaction is used for balance carry forward in new GL ? FAGLGVTR FAGLL03 FAGLF03.
The tcode for planning new general ledger accounting GPI2N GPI1N GPI3N.
The ledger which is integrated with controlling ? leading ledger Non- leading ledger above two.
client level ledger ? leading ledger Non-leadging ledger Above two .
Tcode for compare leading and non leading ledgers? GCBC GCAB GCAC.
Characteristic of New asset accounting ? Depreciation areas have equal status In each valuation accounting principle there is always only one depreciation area that posts in real time. The system can post the correct values from the start, using multiple parallel documents in real time( accounting principle or valuation ) Above all .
In copa Billing data indicator ? F A I Z.
How system determines the depreciation start date using ? Asset value date Period control method Both .
SAP HANA ? Reduce unnecessary complexity and latency 3 copies of data in different model above both .
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