Sap sd: overview of the delivery process

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Sap sd: overview of the delivery process

Unit 21: Overview of the Delivery Process_Book2

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Which specific activities can you complete within shipping processing ? Monitoring deadlines of reference documents due for shipping Creation and processing of outbound deliveries Monitoring of the capacity situation in the warehouse Support for picking Packing Printing and distribution of shipping documents Processing of goods issue Controlling.
The delivery document is used in various business transactions, and the status settings in the document provide information on the progress of different steps within shipping processing Correct Incorrect.
In SD process, usually outbound delivery is created with reference to a sales order. In what other scenarios might want to use a delivery document in shipping processing? Replinishment delivery for stock transport orders Delivery for subcontract order Returns at vendor Inbound delivery for purchase order Delivery from Project.
Weight of the item can be checked in item details screen of the Picking tab Correct Incorrect.
Outbound delivery starts at a shipping point continues along a route and has the ship to party as the destination Correct Incorrect.
Outbound deliveries are grouped together on the basis of user definable criteria in which document Shipment document Delivery document.
Which of the following are Logistics Execution (LE) Components and Sources Warehouse management (LE-WM) Shipping (LE-SHP) Transport (LE-TRA) Materials Management (MM) Sales and Distribution (SD).
Which of the following statements are correct in Logistics Excution LE provides with all necessary functions for mapping the execution of logical processes that are largely not industry specific In LE basically involves more or less complex goods receipt and goods issue processes. LE is the link between procurement and distribution In LE process, third parties - vendors, customers, service providers are involved.
The transfer order is the document used to execute all goods movements in the warehouse Correct Incorrect.
Which of the steps in LE Process for Outbound delivery (in SD normal process) 1.Outbound Delivery with reference to the sales order 2.Picking using transfer order 3.Confirm transfer Order 4.Goods issue Posting.
At header level of the delivery document includes data on processing , picking, loading, shipment, foreign trade/customs, texts, partners, output, package monitoring and conditions Correct Incorrect.
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