SAP TFIN50 Part 1 Unit 6

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SAP TFIN50 Part 1 Unit 6

Cash Journal

Sarilan Kokok
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Which of the following statements as regards cash journal is/are correct? It is a tool for managing cash that supports posting of cash receipts and cash payments. You can create a cash journal for each currency. You can post to customer, vendor and G/L accounts. You can run several cash journals in each company code. Cash journal identification is a six-digit alphanumeric key.
You have to enter the appropriate values for the following fields in setting-up new cash journal for a company code. These are: Company code Cash journal identification key G/L accounts Currency Name of cash journal identification key Language key Document types.
You have to enter document types in setting-up new cash journal for a company code for the following: G/L account postings Outgoing payments to vendors Incoming payments to customers Outgoing payments to customers Incoming payments to vendors.
The standard business transaction categories offered by the system that you have to set up before you process different transactions within the cash journal are the following: Revenue postings Expense postings Accounts Receivable postings Accounts Payable postings Cash transfer from bank to cash journal Cash transfer from cash journal to bank Accrual postings.
Which of the following statements as regards creation of business transaction is/are correct? You can only define the new cash journal business transaction in Customizing. Set the co. code in which the business transaction should be created. You could always indicate the G/L account for a particular business transaction. You don't have to specify tax codes for business transactions E (Expense) and R (Revenue). You can indicate whether G/L account or tax code for the business transaction to be changed when the document is entered. You can set an indicator that blocks the business transaction for further postings. Upon saving, a number is assigned to the newly created business transaction. This number can be called up during document entry aside from its name.
Which of the following statements as regards cash journal posting business transaction is/are correct? You can process cash journal bus. transaction in a single screen (hence, Enjoy). You can save cash journal entries locally in the cash journal subledger, and copy or delete them. Entries saved are then posted to the G/L for example, at the end of the working day. You can print the cash journal entries you have saved and the entries posted in the time period displayed. You can copy and/or delete cash journal entries saved, but once deleted, you cannot display it anymore. You cannot enter checks in the cash journal.
Which of the following statements as regards cash journal document is/are correct? You can enter it with a document split. It can contain several items with different tax codes and/or account assignments relevant to cost accounting. When it is forwarded to Financial Accounting, only one accounting document is created. You can create a business transaction that is linked to a one-time account.
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