Ser vs Estar with Probar, poder, servir, preferir, & pedir

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Ser vs Estar with Probar, poder, servir, preferir, & pedir

Ser vs estar , muy dificil

Alyssa ! ;D
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Ustedes, Ellas, Ellos (ser) estoy somos son soy.
Yo (ser) estoy ser es soy.
tu (ser) eres son estas ser.
Location ser estar.
Change ser estar.
mood / wellbeing ser estar.
Nosotros (estoy) estoy ser estamos somos.
identifying people ser estar.
describing people (adjectives) ser estar.
ask where someone is from ser ester.
Place of origin ser estar.
telephone. email, birthday, day, date, and time. ser estar.
how food is normally like ser estar.
How people are feeling ser estar.
Location ( Prepositon) ser estar.
EN ser estar.
To ask for ( to order ) servir poder pedir preferir.
To serve preferir probar servir poder.
Poder To prefer, or to say what someone would rather do Able to do, or can do. Try something, to taste. To serve.
Try something, to taste Probar Pedir Poder Preferir.
to prefer, to say what you would rather do probar estoy preferir ser.
I serve servir sirvo pido pide.
they ask for pedimos puede prueba pide.
Do you prefer juice or milk? (preferir) prefieren preferimos pide prefieres.
We taste probamos pedimos preferimos nosotros.
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