Simple present 7º ano

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Simple present 7º ano

Complete the sentences

Teacher Haide
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Em frases afirmativas do Simple Present, quando o sujeito for he, she ou it (ele ou ela), devemos acrescentar _________ aos verbos. "s" "d" "ss" "ese".
He __________ ball every day. play study plays cries.
She ______________ English. study studies play plays.
That boy ______________ in Passabém live lives play study.
They ___________ TV every morning. watch watches play studies.
Em verbos terminados com "vogal + y", devemos acrescentar: "es" "s" "ies" "s".
Em verbos terminados com "consoante + y", devemos: retirar o y e colocar "s" retirar o y e colocar "es" retirar o y e colocar "ies" colocar somente "s".
The girl __________ one book every week. read reads watch play.
The boys ___________ compositions every Tuesday. write watch reads writes.
They ___________________ every night. has dinner reads have dinner helps.
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