Software Engineering 2

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Software Engineering 2


Angelica Ong
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It is the process used to identify the correctness, completeness and quality of developed computer software. .
It is the process of executing a program/application under positive and negative conditions by manual or automated means.
It is a human action that produces the incorrect result that produces a fault. .
The presence of error at the time of execution of the software. .
State of software caused by an error. .
Deviation of the software from its expected result. It is an event. .
Standard model used word wide to develop a software. .
A framework that describes the activities performed at each stage of a software development project. .
Necessary to ensure the quality of the software. .
Logical steps taken to develop a software product.
Abbrev of SDLC.
It is the oldest and most widely used model in the field of software development. .
It is a systematic approach to test a system i.e. software. .
The plan typically contains a detailed understanding of what the eventual testing workflow will be. .
It is a specific procedure of testing a particular requirement. .
The software should confirm to its specification .
The software should do what the user really requires .
No knowledge of internal program design or code required. .
Tests are based on requirements and functionality. .
Knowledge of the internal program design and code required. .
Tests are based on coverage of code statements, branches, paths, conditions. .
Tests each module individually. .
Follows a white box testing (Logic of the program). Done by developers. .
Once all the modules have been unit tested, ______ is performed. .
It is systematic testing. .
Produce tests to identify errors associated with interfacing. .
The system as a whole is tested to uncover requirement errors. .
Verifies that all system elements work properly and that overall system function and performance has been achieved. .
It is carried out by the test team within the developing organization. .
It is performed by a selected group of friendly customers. .
It is performed by the customer to determine whether to accept or reject the delivery of the system. .
It is carried out to check whether the system meets the nonfunctional requirements identified in the SRS document. (Software Requirements Specification) .
A key problem for organizations is implementing and managing change to their existing software systems. .
is the study of the processes of system change. .
Modifying a program after it has been put into use. .
Changes are implemented by modifying existing components and adding new components to the system. .
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