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SSC Test1

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Which tile types can you use to display real-time data values read from an OData service? There are 2 correct answers to this question App Launcher – Dynamic tile App Launcher – Static tile News tile KPI based tile.
You develop an SAP Fiori sales app to display sales order information from the backend system. Which of the following model types do you use? Choose one JSON model Resource model XML model OData model.
You perform a QUnit test with the following syntactical options. Which call returns true when you execute it? Choose one Assert.strictEqual(0,-0,”true”); Assert.strictEqual(0,””,”true”); Assert.strictEqual(0,null,”true”); Assert.strictEqual(0,”0”,”true”);.
Your customer needs an app that can perform data modifications. Which ODataModel binding-mode do you select? Please choose the correct answer. Two-way Three-way One-time One-way.
You need to strengthen the connection security between the Web IDE and the Hybrid App Toolkit Connector. Which of the following activities do you perform? Please choose the correct answer. Replace the default API key Run the connector with administrator rights Install an X.509 certificate Change the default port number.
Which SAP Fiori personalization elements holds all of the technical information needed to start an app? chose one? Catalog Tile Group User Preferences.
Which of the following pattern sequences are the QUnit tests based on? chose one? Assert, Act, and Arrange Arrange, Act, and Assert Given, Then, and When Given, When, and Then.
Which file of the SAP HAT Connector stores the WebIDEHosts URL and can be used for troubleshooting? chose one? Package.json Config.json Assistmsg.json appConfig.js.
In a typical SAP Fiori landscape, which server instance stores the SAP Fiori SAPUI5 application code for a transactional app? chose one? SAP Web Dispatcher SAP Front-End Server (FES) SAP Back-End Server (BES) SAP HANA XS Engine.
In the source code below, which of the following locations must reference the extension point? chose one? <code:View xmlns:core=”sap.ui.core” xmlns:mvc=”sap.ui.core.mvc” xmlns=”sap.m” controllerName=”appextension.EmployeeData” xmlns:html=> <Page title=”Title”> <content> <Label text = “First name:”/> <Input/> <core:ExtensionPoint name=”forMiddleName:”/> <<Label text = “Last name:”/> <Input/> <Button text=”Get Info” press=”doGetInfo”/> </content> </Page> </core:View> Neo-app.json EmployeeDate.controller.js Component.js EmployeeData.view.xml.
What can your customer use a custom SAP Fiori client for? There are 3 correct answers to this question To build the SAP Fiori Client with a customized communication protocol To create non-Cordova hybrid application containers To add additional plugins to the application To wrap the application with SAP Mobile Secure To apply custom branding.
You finalized your app development in the SAP Web IDE and need to deploy it. Which deployment targets are offered? There are 3 correct answers to this question? SAPUI5 ABAP Repository Register to SAP Fiori launchpad SAPUI5 Java Repository SAP HANA Cloud Platform Deploy to SAP Fiori launchpad.
You need to implement an SAP Fiori transactional app for your customer. What benefits are available in the completed app? There are 2 correct answers to this question It allows fast iterations for the UI apps It allows drill-down details to be presented in the UI It allows access to the back end to edit document details It allows UI changes without development privileges in the back-end.
You extend an SAP Fiori app. The visibility value of a View Button control needs to be modified. Which extension point do you use? chose one. View Replacement View Visibility View Extension View Modification.
Which methods can you use to bind data to the controls in SAPUI5? There are 3 correct answers to this question Property Combination Element Structure Aggregation.
Where are the themes saved for the SAP Fiori launchpad? chose one In the UI theme designer tool In the bootstrap In the theme data center In the theme repository.
In the code on the screenshot, what is the absolute path of the property to retrieve the City value for the company Acme Inc? chose one /regions/companies/0/city /regions/1/companies/1/city /regions/companies/1/city /regions/0/companies/0/city.
Your customer extends an SAP Fiori app with View Replacement. Which activities do you perform? There are 2 correct answers to this question Create an SAPUI5 control that replaces the original control Identify a specific SAPUI5 control to be replaced Create an SAPUI5 view that replaces the complete view Verify that adding custom content in the Extension Points will NOT suffice.
Which element in the SAPUI5 architecture holds the data in JSON or XML? Please choose the correct answer. Model Controller Component View.
Which model type in SAPUI5 does NOT support one-way and two-way binding from model to view? chose one JSON model Resource model XML model OData model.
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