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What special feature does a blanket purchase order (item category B) have in comparison to a standard purchase order (standard item category)? Blanket purchase orders allow non-valuated goods receipts only. Blanket purchase order items require an account assignment to be entered. Blanket purchase orders items can have multiple account assignment. Invoices for blanket purchase orders are always blocked by the system.
What features do subcontracting orders (item category L) have? (Choose two.) The goods receipt for a subcontracting order must always be posted as valuated. At least one component must be provided to the subcontractor. Subcontracting orders may not have an account assignment. The price in the purchase order contains both the service provided by the subcontractor and the value of the components. For subcontracting orders, an invoice receipt is binding.
Which attributes do invoicing plans have? (Choose two.) Invoices for invoicing plans can be generated automatically. The start date of an invoicing plan can be defined at item level. Invoicing plans can be used for stock materials as well as for consumable materials. The invoicing plan type for a purchase order item can be changed retroactively.
Which field attribute is given the highest priority in the field selection control? Optional field Required entry field Suppress Display.
At what level can you set quantity and value updating on a material type? Plant Company code Valuation area Procurement type.
You procure a material using the "Consignment" process. You want to ensure that purchase requisitions with the "Consignment" item category are generated automatically for requirements in requirements planning. Which of the following settings allows you to do this? (Choose two.) Enter "Consignment" as the special procurement type in the material master record. Create a consignment info record for the relevant material and enter it as a fixed source of supply in the source list. Activate the quota arrangement for the relevant material and create a quota arrangement item using "Consignment" as the special procurement type. Create a consignment info record for the relevant material and select the "Regular Vendor" indicator in the record.
From which stock type can goods issues to cost centers be posted? Non-valuated blocked stock Valuated blocked stock Quality inspection stock Unrestricted-use stock.
In which of the following cases is the goods receipt always posted as non-valuated? Goods receipt for initial stock entry Goods receipt to the stock of material provided to vendor Goods receipt for a free-of-charge delivery Goods receipt to the consignment stock.
What are characteristics of material valuation at the moving average price? (Choose two.) Price difference postings can happen when posting an invoice receipt Goods receipts are always valuated based on the moving average price from the material master record The moving average price is equal to the total value multiplied by total quantity of stock If a purchase requisition is created, the current moving average price is proposed as the valuation price.
Which valuation classes can be selected when creating the accounting view for valuated materials? All valuation classes from the account category reference assigned to the material type. Any valuation class. All valuation classes of the valuation grouping code of the used valuation area. The default valuation class from the user parameters.
Which rule can be selected in account determination for Inventory postings (Transaction BSX)? General modification Credit/Debit Valuation modification Posting key.
What information can you specify in a quota arrangement? (Choose two.) Plant from which material is procured for stock transfer requirements Outline agreement number for external procurement requirements Vendor for external procurement requirements Info record number for external procurement requirements.
In the goods receipt transaction MIGO, you have opened the "My documents" overview. Which documents are displayed under "Purchase Orders"? The purchase orders that you recently created The purchase orders found by the system in the last document search The purchase orders for which you last posted goods receipts The purchase orders with today's date as the delivery date.
Where are only time-independent conditions defined for the procurement process? In purchasing info records In contracts In purchase orders In scheduling agreements.
You want to create a purchase order for a valuated material. Which views in the material master record must be available as a minimum? (Choose two.) Purchasing Accounting General Plant Data/Storage Basic Data.
Which times belong to the replenishment lead time in the planning run for an externally procured material? (Choose three.) Purchasing processing time Planned delivery time Requirement lead time Goods receipt processing time Minimum remaining shelf life.
You transfer material between two plants. During the transport process, some parts are damaged so badly that they have to be scrapped. How you can you post this as scrapping? (Choose two.) You reverse the stock removal in the issuing plant and post the scrapping there. You put away the entire quantity in the receiving plant and post the scrapping there. You adjust the stock in transit and put away the remaining quantity in the receiving plant. You put away the entire quantity in the receiving plant, where you immediately carry out a physical inventory of the material.
For which of the following objects can you post a goods issue directly from the valuated stock using a standard movement type? (Choose three.) Cost center Profit center Production order Project (= WBS element) Work center.
You post an invoice with unplanned delivery costs. These costs should be posted in full to the stock account of a material. What prerequisites must be met to achieve this? (Choose two.) The material affected must be valuated based on the standard price. The material affected must be valuated based on the moving average price. Stock of the affected material must be available at least in the invoiced quantity. In the invoice header, you have to enter the stock account to which the unplanned delivery costs are to be posted.
In which of the following cases do you have to maintain GR/IR clearing accounts in Logistics Invoice Verification? The vendor has invoiced a price higher than the purchase order price. You have posted an invoice incorrectly and canceled it afterwards. For an item that has been delivered, a higher quantity was invoiced than delivered. The vendor has invoiced a price lower than the purchase order price.
In which of the following cases do you have to enter a subsequent debit in Logistics Invoice Verification? The vendor invoices a quantity higher than delivered for a purchase order item in which goods- receipt-based invoice verification is flagged You receive an invoice in foreign currency and the current exchange rate is higher than the rate specified in the purchase order. You receive an invoice from a forwarding agent for unplanned delivery costs related to a purchase order item already invoiced. You receive an invoice from a forwarding agent for unplanned delivery costs related to a delivery completed purchase order.
With reference to which of the following objects can you enter an invoice in Logistics Invoice Verification? (Choose two.) A material document A service entry sheet A vendor delivery note A different invoice from the vendor.
At what level in the vendor master record is it possible to define purchasing data that is different from that which is maintained at the purchasing organization level? (Choose two.) Plant Vendor subrange Partner schema Partner role.
For which organizational levels can you maintain the material status in material master records? (Choose two.) Client Company code Plant Purchasing organization.
You have set the rejection indicator in a quotation item. Can you still create a purchase order with reference to this quotation item? No, a quotation item for which the rejection indicator is set cannot be converted into a purchase order. Yes, but you have to enter the price in the purchase order manually since it is not copied from the quotation in this case. Yes, you can create the purchase order regardless of the rejection indicator. No, you have to maintain a new quotation first.
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