Tfin50_part 2_unit 6

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Tfin50_part 2_unit 6


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SAP system allows user to create many versions of financial statment as required T F.
financial statment version cannot be prepared at business area level since it is optional t f.
System delivers sample FSV's which can be copied and modified as per our need t f.
FSV's provides standard reports t f.
FSV's are also used in structured balance list drill down report planning consolidation.
FSV can be used for Internal reporting external reporting tax purpose.
additional specifications in FSV is to create report at business area level segment level chart of accounts level profit center level company code level.
__________must be acitivated to create additional entities financial statements.
same as FSV in structured balance list, profit and loss can be calculated t f.
unassigned account appears in structured balance list since it does not appear in FSV. T F.
data source for a FSV is data base archive both none.
____________needs to be assigned to each version of FSV company code chart of accounts functional area profit center cost center.
we define FSV in following steps define hierarchy assign accounts enter FSV in FSV directory.
special items must be present in each version of fsv assets and liablities profit and loss profit and loss results accounts not assigned notes to financial statement.
noted items and unassigned items are taken for determining profit and loss since they are displayed in FSV T F.
FSV balance sheet items and profit and loss items consist of ___ & ___Hierarchy levels 20 & 10 10 & 20 5 & 15 15 & 20.
steps in FSV hierarchy Assign item to each level assign text and accounts to each item enter fsv in directory of fsv's.
if joint balance of accounts which are flutuating balance item, is a debit balance,it will appear in Debit in FSV Credit in FSV.
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