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To set the readiness meter for the ‘Job Roles I’m considering’, which template do you update? Please choose the correct answer. Goal Plan template Learning Activities template Career Worksheet template Development Plan template.
Which other provisioning options must you select when you enable Career Path v2? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Enable Administrative Domains Enable Generic Object Enable Group Goals Enable Attachment Manager.
Your customer wants you to remove the number of positions displayed in the Career Worksheet v12? What activities do you need to perform? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Set the hide-position-count switch to ‘on’ Export the Career Worksheet XML from Provisioning Set the hide-position-count switch code to ‘off’ Remove the hide-position-count switch code.
In the Development module, what do you use the Coaching Advisor for? Please choose the correct answer. To help users view the gap between the current competency rating and the expected rating. To help users with their self-evaluation during the readiness assessment To help users when they create a new development goal To help users to select the future role.
What settings do you need to activate to integrate Learning Management System with Career Development Planning? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Enable Mentoring Program Enable SuccessFactors learning integration URL Enable transcript feature Enable External Learning User Provide unique learning URL.
Your customer wants to allow users to assess their competencies against the Future Role competencies. What feature do you use? Career Path Development goals Role readiness form Readiness meter.
After the Career Path v2 is enabled in Provisioning, where do you edit the career path? Please choose the correct answer. Configure Object Definition Edit Org Chart Configuration Manage Templates Import/Export Data Model.
Which search options can an employee use to add roles to the Career Worksheet? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Browse job roles Action search Tool search View suggested roles.
Which attribute represents the maximum number of roles that users can add in the Career Worksheet XML? max-length max-per-competency max-per-category max-goals.
Your customer wants to reorder the fields that are displayed in the current Development Plan. Which link do you use in Admin Center? Form Template Settings Manage Templates Import Development Goals Manage Data.
Your customer wants the goal status field to be a drop-down menu. What field type do you need to use? table textarea enum bool.
Who can launch the Role Readiness Form in the Career Worksheet? Human Resources manager Employee Manager Second level manager.
Which general settings of the Development v12 template can you modify when you use Admin Center? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Enter Start and End Date Activate Spellcheck Add Specific Instructions Change the Public/Private Indicator Change the Language.
Your customer wants to integrate Career Development Planning and Learning Management System? What must you enable in Web Services? SF Web Service User Web Service SFAPI Partner Web Service.
To use the transcript feature, what must you set as a default in Provisioning? Learning Activities template Development Plan template Goal Plan template Career Worksheet template.
Your customer wants to use the Role Readiness Meter. What actions do you perform in the Career Worksheet XML? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Modify the ‘required’ setting Reference plan-layout Define the correct field Modify the ‘view default’ setting Reference in field-permissions.
What is the sole source of competencies listed on the Career Worksheet? Job Role Field ID Description Title.
What can you edit on the Goal Creation Notification e-mail template? There are 2 correct answers to this question. The goal plans which are affected by settings of this notification The recipient of the notification The e-mail subject and body of the notification The trigger of the notification.
What is the maximum number of recommended roles that a user can add in the Career Worksheet? 10 roles 12 roles 15 roles 20 roles.
You need to make changes to the fields in the Career Worksheet. How do you export the Career Worksheet template? Go to Admin Center and click Form Template Settings. Navigate to Provisioning and find the Managing Project Team Templates. Go to Admin Center and click Manage Templates. Navigate to Provisioning and find the Managing Plan Template.
Your customer wants to include competencies in the Development Plan template. What are possible data sources? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Competencies from Form Competencies from Goal Specific Library Multiple Category Exclude hidden Role.
An employee selects the Development module from the SAP SuccessFactors homepage. The employee receives this error message ‘No Goal plan currently exists for your account. Please contact your Administrator for more information’. Which permission do you enable to resolve the issue? Development Plan permission Goal Plan permission Career Development Plan permission Career Worksheet permission.
Which of the following field IDs are configurable standard fields in the Career Worksheet XML? There are 3 correct answers to this question. Dev_goals Competency_name Last_rating Last_rated_date Future_role.
Your customer wants to display all career path details to the employee but does NOT want them to be able to change the details. What do you need to do? Grant the ‘Import/Export’ option to the Career Path in Miscellaneous Permissions. Grant the ‘view’ option to the Career Path in Miscellaneous Permissions Add the ‘write’ field permission in the Career Worksheet XML. Grant the Development Admin permission to the administrator.
A user is viewing the Career Path. What information is displayed when the user clicks on the popup icon on the role node? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Job Description Competencies Job Family Job Code.
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