to learn Spanish in just a short time

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to learn Spanish in just a short time

i live Argentina and i am going to teach to them ...

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I am going to teach to them Castilian: (this is easy) dog -perro cat -gato dad- papa mam- mama house-casa car- auto angels- angeles telephone- telefono television-television man - hombre woman - mujer boy - niño girl -niña sun - sol moon - luna window-ventana one-uno two-dos three-tres four -cuatro five - cinco six - seis seven -siete eight -ocho nine -nueve ten-diez.
now it comes but difficult: (orations) today it is a beautiful day.-hoy es un hermoso dia. I want to buy a hotdog.-quiero comprarme una salchicha caliente who is truly Santa Claus?-.¿quien es verdaderamente papa noel? I like the pink colour. -me gusta el color rosa.
Colours:(colores) pink-rosa blue-azul green-verde red-rojo yellow-amarillo violet- violeta black-negro bhite- blanco brown- marron orange- naranja .
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