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Simulado 4 ITIL FO400
N10 - OSI250
Simulado 3 ITIL FO400
Úvod do žurny2812
Simulado 2 ITIL FO403
Simulado 1 ITIL FO403
SAP S/4 Hana 1610 Preparation Part III717
N10 - 802s205
N10 - 5 Part 2172
Administração Geral22
Simulado avionico 09607
Molekulární biologie- odpovědníky 13713
Simulado avionico 075016
Simulado avionico 06359
N10 - Command line tools2011
ZUR130 Úvod do zpravodajství - médiá10118
ZUR130 úvod do zpravodejstvi - mluvčí757
Simulado avionico 05303
N10 - 5284

Daypo web is dedicated to create online quizzes, tests and courses for e-learnig. You can create your quizzes to learn yourself, for repeating until you memorice then and the best, it's totally free. Your test can help other people who want to learn just like you, or simply you raise it to the rest of the internet users.

If you are a teacher you can make a exam, the program menage de answers randomly, then you print it, you can examine yours alums and upload de test to the daypo web page for your alums checking the answers theirself.