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Remoção e instalação de motores302
Slovíčka Anglina343
Slovíčka Anglina583
Slovíčka Anglina945
Slovíčka Anglina643
Slovíčka Anglina905
Slovíčka ANGLINA457
Sistema De Admissão e Escapamento302
Nepravidelná anglická slovesa1712
Antická mytologie164
makedonski jazik polugodisen test za 6 odd.299
Módulo Neumología Postgrado de Pediatria 20174430
Maya SAP FI Basic Config2522
How musical are you?56
How musical are you?521
How artistic are you?59
How artistic are you?59
Culture teen mag quiz511

Daypo web is dedicated to create online quizzes, tests and courses for e-learnig. You can create your quizzes to learn yourself, for repeating until you memorice then and the best, it's totally free. Your test can help other people who want to learn just like you, or simply you raise it to the rest of the internet users.

If you are a teacher you can make a exam, the program menage de answers randomly, then you print it, you can examine yours alums and upload de test to the daypo web page for your alums checking the answers theirself.