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When building a curriculum requirement, what requirement types can be selected in SuccessFactors Learning? There are 3 correct answers to this question. # Items from pool of items # Hours of Specified Hour type # Hours of specified hour type from pool of items # Items of a program # Items from a curriculum.
A user is assigned a curriculum with an item having the following configuration: Initial assignment of 1 year; initial basis: event; and an assignment date of October 16th, 2014. What would the User's calculated required date be? Please choose the correct answer. December 31st, 2015 December 31st, 2014 October 16th, 2015 October 16th, 2014.
Select the tool that is used to modify a User's Learning History once an event has been recorded. Please choose the correct answer. Record Learning - Multiple Record Learning - Financial Leaming Event Editor Required Dates Editor.
Using SuccessFactors Connectors, which of the following are valid schedules to import a user file? There are 2 correct answers to this question. Mondays at 5:00 AM Eastern Time Daily at 1:00 AM, 3:30 AM and 4:00 AM eastern time First day of each month starting at 4:00 AM pacific time Twice a month on the first and 15th days at 3:00 AM eastern time.
Where is the SuccessFactors Learning AICC wrapper message defined with more than one language message? Please choose the correct answer. Access Content Objects – Content ID – AICC Support Access Global Variables – AICC Wrapper setting – Localization popup Access References – Geography – Labels Access References – Geography – Locales.
What do you set when attaching an AICC-wrapped content object to an online item with multiple content objects? Please choose the correct answer. Mastery Score Record learning event when all content is complete Mark this object complete when launched Record learning event when content failed.
How do you test a questionnaire survey from the user interface? There are 2 correct answers to this question. From the edit survey screen, save a draft, preview a draft and publish the survey. Assign the item to a user record, login as the user and complete the item to launch the survey. Assign the survey directly to a user record, launch proxy and complete the survey. Record the learning event for the item with the survey attached, login as the user and complete the survey.
Under Configuration in System Admin, where can you find the default item settings that allows learners to record their own learning events? Please choose the correct answer. Easy Links User settings Global Variables Registration settings.
A grouping of content objects, folder objects, and/or exam objects is known as: Please choose the correct answer. Curriculum Online Content Content Package Exam Object.
The ___________ record is an item scheduled for a date and time and manages user registration. Please choose the correct answer. Scheduled Offering Catalog Curriculum Program.
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