Are you a REAL Justin Bieber Fan?

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Are you a REAL Justin Bieber Fan?

Prove to yourself you're a real belieber!

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What is Justin allergic for? Cats, that's why he doesn't has Tuts anymore Apple, even if he likes it Celery, even if he likes it Tomatos, even if he likes it.
Which is Justin's favorite horror movie? Orphan 7 Days to Live A Tale of Two Sisters After Life.
Which is Justin's favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla Strawberry Blueberry Cotton Candy.
Which is Justin's favorite song from My World? Baby One Time Down To Earth Up.
Where does Justin loves to spend his vacation? Bahamas Japan Australia Brazil.
What Justin hates when girls wear? Ugg Boots Ray Ban Glasses Abercrombie t-shirts Very Skinny Jeans.
Which is Justin's lucky number? 10 1 60 6.
Where does Justin Bieber met Usher for the first time? On the supermarket On a parking lot On a mall On Usher's concert.
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