Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande

How much of an Ariana Grande are you? :D ^.^ 01/19/13!

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Whats Ari's full name?.
When was Ari born? June 26, 1993 June 23, 1993 July 26, 1993 June 26, 1992.
How old is she? 19 22 15 26.
What was her character on each show? Cat Valentine Princess Diaspro Charlotte.
What is her character name on victorious?.
Is she single?? Yes No.
What is her natural hair colour? Red Black Brown Blonde.
Who is/are her celebritry(s) BFF? Liz Gillies Avan Jovia Jennette McCurdy Selena Gomez.
What songs does she sing? Put your hearts up. As long as you love me Make it shine Granade. Pink Champain. Who says Honeymoon Ave.
Who is her boyfriend now on january 15th? Jai Brooks Josh Hutcherson Carlos Pena Justin Bieber Nathan Kress Zayn Malik.
What do Ariana's fans call them selves? Ariana's fans Arinatorz Ari rules fans Ariana's army!.
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