Autocad 3D

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Autocad 3D

Second Partial Mock Test


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Which is the default coordinate system when starting a new drawing? UCS XYZ WCS There isnt one.
How many views can you generate from a 3-D drawing? one three upto 99 as many as you need.
In a new drawing, which direction is the Z axis pointing? up down towards you away from you.
The Extrude command of a rectangle creates a...? solid wireframe model thick line surface.
Does the Materials Library allow you to add materials to your objects? Yes no, it only imports materials into the project file only on surfaces sometimes.
Which command is not a Boolean Operation? Subtract Intersect Union Join.
When using the Subtract command, which object do you select first? The object to subtract from The object to subtract the larger one All at once.
To convert an edge of a solid cube to a rounded one, you use the command Chamfer Fillet Roundedge Solidedit.
To change the UCS as shown the command sequence you will use is UCS > Y > 90 UCS > X > 90 UCS > Z > 90 None of the above.
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