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Ba 3

Third book part 1

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__________ (a function in new General Ledger Accounting) enables you to create complete balances for the Business Area characteristic, the profit center, and the segment. (NOTE: this concept is covered in other tests but as a reminder here as it was covered in the notes again for the book).
True or False. You can use the country specific standard delivered Charts of Depreciation for your company code. True False.
Multiple company codes can work with the same chart of accounts and the same chart of depreciation. True or False. True False.
Depreciation area 01 does not have to be assigned to the ________ ledger.
Setting up an FI-AA company code is how many steps? (See page 7 for them listed, but remember this number as a trigger).
What are the org units used in FI-AA?.
Chart of depreciation is assigned to a __________.
What purely CO objects can you assign to an asset master record? Which one is always purely statistical?.
True or False. You can assign an asset to 2 cost centers. True False.
Financial statements _____ required for the values of all depreciation areas are are not.
What is the depreciation program in SAP S/4 Hana Finance?.
An accounting principle must be assigned to each depreciation area, unless it's a non-posting depreciation area. True False.
If asset reports display __________, you can assign a financial statement version for each depreciation area. Financial statement items Selections for individual items Period totals asset class as a selection.
Where do you specify financial statement version for asset reports? SPRO SAP Easy Access Menu under Asset Info System.
Default values, number range intervals, etc are defined in FI-AA where?.
An asset class can be linked to multiple charts of depreciation. True False.
If you propose the depreciation attributes from an asset class, they cannot be overwritten manually during asset creation. True False.
If you use company codes with different operational charts of accounts, you only need one account determination key to post asset values for one class to accounts in different charts of accounts. True False.
The configuration of ______ defines the accounts for all transactions and processes in FI-AA.
For the transactions of ordinary depreciation and unplanned depreciation, name 3 accounts that must be defined in the account determination.
What is the transaction to see an overview of asset classes?.
Which statement is true? You can have many asset classes using the same account determination You can have many account determinations using the same class.
Within the asset class config, how do you define how the screen looks for the class of assets - what field do you use?.
What are the 2 places in FI-AA where you define screen layout and which one has maintenance level controls?.
For an account assignment objects to even appear in the asset master record, before you can see it in a screen layout rule, you must do what? Where is it done?.
Each screen layout that is assigned to an asset depreciation area has a "maintenance level" to ensure depreciation is controlled uniformly. There are 3 possible maintenance levels - name them.
Can you copy an asset class to create a new one? Yes No.
___________ are asset master record fields that are used to map customer-specific information.
You would use an _________ as a master record field if you were assigning many assets (main asset numbers) to one business unit or production line. Just another way to group them up.
The standard depreciation key _____ ensures that depreciation is not calculated for AuC in depreciation areas, at least for the depreciation areas in the financial statement.
AuC (Asset under contruction) ______ post depreciation. Does Does Not.
A special asset class exists called Low Value Assets (LVA). There are 2 types of management discussed. What are they?.
Which type of LVA managment requires you to specify a base unit of measure? Where do you do this?.
There are 2 ways to create an asset with AS01 - name them.
Choose the items below that you can maintain separate values for when mass creating assets. Description Inventory Number Business Area Cost Center Evaluation groups 1-5 Class Company Code Subnumber.
If a fixed asset is made up of many component assets, you can manage these component assets as separate ________.
Scenario: You want to to be able to change the depreciation terms of asset subnumbers. This means you have to have the maintenance level set to subnumber at what level? (remember - there are 2 levels where you can control maintenance level).
To see the asset master records you work with most often, use the _______. It can hold up to _____ records.
Where would you define if asset subnumbers are created internally or externally?.
Transaction for creating asset subnumbers.
The app ______ displays an overview of the fixed asset masters you are responsible for.
When you set up the Configurable Entry Screen for Creating Multiple Assets in SPRO, if you want the fields of a field group to be changeable on the entry screen, select the ___________ switch. Ready for Input When Creating Multiple Assets Open for Entry Allow User Input Multiple Asset Edit.
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