beatles test

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beatles test

what is your beatles level of expertise?

Vassiliki Sinopoulou
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Name (first name, last name) one of the Beatles (1962 on).
What year was the Beatles break-up made public?.
What was the name of the drummer that was replaced by Ringo Starr?.
What was the name of the first non-Beatles film John Lennon took part in?.
What was the b-side to "the Ballad of John and Yoko"?.
On which London street was the Apple clothes boutique located?.
The name of Paul McCartney's girlfriend that visited them in Hamburg together with Cynthia?.
Where did Paul McCartney and George Harrison hitchhike together in their teens?.
What was the second and final release of Zapple Records?.
Which two takes were comprised for the final version of "Strawberry Fields Forever"?.
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