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You can have only one SAP system session open at a time. True False.
Which of the following is not part of the information required to log on to the SAP system? A specific client number YouruserID Your password Your personal settings.
Which menus are standard on all SAP screens? System Help Both A and B None of above.
Which of the following provide information on the SAP system and transaction or task you are working on? Status bar menu path Rolebar None of the above.
In the Sap Easy Access menu, you can create a Favorites list containing: Web addresses Transactions Files All of the above.
The personnel subarea: Contains control features of the company structure. Is a self-contained unit within the system, in legal and organizational terms. Requires a new personnel number to be created for an employee transfer. Is a unit whose accounts are balanced independently.
The Position object type is K P S C.
The HR System stores all data for an employee in infotype records. Several records can be added to an infotype for an employee. True False.
Fast Entry allows an employee to maintain several infotypes at once. true false.
The personnel actions make it possible for an employee to implement several infotypes in a pre-defined sequence. true false.
If only time data that differs from the work schedule is recorded for an employee, this is positive time management. True False.
The TMW is an interface for the time administrators for maintaining time data and processing evaluation messages. True False.
Overlapping time data records are called overtime. True False.
The abbreviation CAT is devired from Ccomputer Aided Time Star. true false.
The Payroll log provides you with a permanent record of an individual’s payroll processing. True False.
If ESS is implemented, employees may be responsible for creation adn maintenance of the following payroll information: Mailing address Tax information Bank deposit information All of the Above.
A company’s workforce requirements can be depicted using vacancies. true false.
The Solution E-Recruiting enables you to recruit English-speaking employees. true false.
Qualifications and requirements originate from the qualifications catalog. true false.
The dynamic menus in Training and Event Management allow you to branch directly from the objects in the business event hierarchy to the individual true false.
Blended Learning refers to all-round learning. SAP offers the SAP Tutor and the SAP Learning Solution, for example. true false.
Careers and development plant are synonimous true false.
The performance management supports all phases of a continuous performance feedback process. true false.
Compensation Management is for planning purposes only. That is, it does not have any effect on the payment of employees. true false.
Witch functions are inherent to mySAP ERP HCM Compensation Administration? A Job Pricing B Planning of compensation for jobs C Administration of the salary review process All of the above Both A & C Both B and C.
The main emphasis of the new Personnel Cost Planning is to improve the data base for planning. That is, provide suitable tools for generating and deriving payment information. True False.
What is an example of data that can be maintained by employees’ via the Employee Self-Service system (ESS)? A change of home address Benefits Enrollment View the company’s Training Schedule All of the Above.
Which is not an international Benefit category? Health Plans Insurance Plans Savings Plans Flexible Spending Plans Stock Plans Miscellaneous Plans.
There are six international benefit categories. true false.
During enrollment the employee can view information about the plans costs, contributions, dependents, and beneficiaries. true flase.
Cost assignments for expenses can only be assigned at the individual receipt level. true false.
Travel calendar method of data entry is not valid for entering international trips. true false.
Using the shift planning, you can bring requirements (from the companies perspective) and shifts (from the employee’s perspective) into line. true false.
In SAP Time Recording, is it possible to choose whether to record all times or just the deviations from the work schedule? True False.
Time data is best maintained in the SAP system centrally by one administrator. True False.
Which of the following options for recording time data are available in the SAP system? ( chose 4 ) Self-service Infotype maintenance Flextime sheet Time Manager's Workplace Clock in/out using WAP cellular phone.
You can use the employee subgroup to specify control indicators for grouping work schedules. True False.
The public holiday calendar that is valid for an employee depends upon the personnel area/subarea to which the employee is assigned. True False.
A work schedule in the SAP system contains the following elements: ( chose 4 ) Weekly schedule Break schedule Work schedule rule Daily work schedule Night work schedule Period work schedule.
A separate work schedule rule must be entered for each part-time model.? True False.
Attendances are entered in infotype 2002. true false.
All attendances and absences are counted using the same rule. true false.
It is possible to use daily work schedule variants to base attendances and absences on different planned working hours. true false.
The validity of a quota specifies the period in which employees can use the quota. true false.
Quota deduction has to be activated for the relevant absence or attendance types. true false.
Quota entitlements can be filled using generation rules or default values. true false.
A quota compensation reduces the remaining entitlement for a quota. true false.
The Time Manager's Workplace contains the following screen areas: ( chose 5 ) detailed area Calendar Details overview area Employee List InfoArea Time Data Recording.
All the screen areas of the Time Manager's Workplace except the Messages area can be customized. true false.
Cost assignment and activity allocation are activated in all Time Management infotypes. true false.
The Expert Mode: Infotype Maintenance interface is suitable for depicting large structures. true false.
The Organization and Staffing interface is best suited for creating large structures. true false.
The General Structures interface can depict each object type in a structure. true false.
Which of the following applications is not integrated with Organizational? Personnel administration Workflow management Time Management Personnel Cost Planning Capacity Planning.
The cost center is an external object type of Organizational Management. true false.
Integration with Recruitment allows vacant job to be created automatically in Recruitment and are there by available to be reoccupied. True False.
The manager of an organizational unit is always a person in Organizational Management. true false.
A new relationship is usually stored between two objects true false.
Evaluation paths are hard programmed in the SAP system and can only be chenaged by a development request true false.
Customers can create new object types, relationships, and infotypes in Organizational Management. true false.
You should always set up number range for object types if yuo want find object quickly true false.
The plan status obsolete is used for objects that non longer exist in the validity period true false.
Which of the following infotypes are the main properties? ( chose 2 ) Account Assignment Features (IT1008) Relationships (IT1001) Planned Compensation (IT1005) Quota Planning (IT1019) Object (IT1000).
Which of the following statements is true? ( chose 6 ) The Work Schedule infotype delivers default values for the Planned Working Time infotype in Personnel Administration. If specified in Customizing, theWork Schedule infotype can influence the calculation of full-time equivalents (FTE) for the positions of the organizational unit for which it is maintained. The Employee Group/Subgroup infotype delivers default values for Personnel administration when a position is reoccupied for which the infotype is maintained. The employee group/subgroup acts as a grouping characteristic for positions when maintaining different work schedules (IT1011) for the different valuation of FTEs. The quota planning nfotype is a planning tool for a future organizational structure. You can only create one infotype record for each period for an organizational unit. You can use reports to generate positions from the infotype record Quota Planning. A further report is available that allows you to delimit unoccupied positions. A position can be occupied and vacant at the same time A position can be vacant and obsolete at the same time A position can be occupied and obsolete at the same time.
It is not possible to create a chief position in Simple Maintenance. true false.
In Simple Maintenance you can recognize the inheritance of cost centers. true false.
In Simple Maintenance, you can transfer persons to another position. true false.
In Simple Maintenance, you can trigger personnel actions for a transfer in Personnel administration true false.
In Simple Maintenance is the standard tool for creating larger structures. true false.
Which of the following are included in the function lists? ( chose 3 ) Reports Materials Management transactions Evaluation paths Internet/intranet pages.
A vacancy Is a job that is not occupied. Is a position that has multiple holders. Is a position that needs to be filled.
Qualifications ( chose 3 ) Are stored as requirements for an organizational unit. Are assigned to a person as actual qualifications. Are used as the basis for a profile matchup. Can be acquired through business events and development measures.
When a business event has been held, you can perform follow-up processing for it, transfer qualifications and have it appraised. true false.
The secondary wage type, Incoming wage types from previous period, is identified by a name starting with which of these strings? /3.. /4.. /Z.. /0..
Personnel calculation rules for wage types cannot be configured to perform various processes. true false.
A personnel calculation rule can contain only one calculation formula. true false.
You can valuate absences as if the employee had already worked. true false.
You can specify only one condition for a day rule. true false.
In a payroll, a factor is required to calculate partial period amounts by calculating the current factor and multiplying it with the wage type assigned. true false.
Which of the following characters is used to depict the total working time in terms of calendar days? A S K T.
Which option imports shift substitutions to PWS? GENPS PARTT P2003 PAB.
With reference to the HR Organization Structure, which of the following statements are true? ( chose 3 ) You can create several organizational plans in different plan versions. The Org Structure, represents the task-related, functional structure of your enterprise, created using tools from the Organizational Management component. A Matrix Organization structure is possible but cannot coexist with a hierarchical structure. If Integration with Personnel Administration is active, the personal data for the staff assignments comes from the Personnel Administration component. If the enterprise organization is active, account assignment data can be obtained from CRM.
Which of the following Infotypes are used/referenced by the Benefits Administration component? ( chose 3 ) Family/Related Person (Infotype 0021) Internal Medical Service (Infotype 0029) Date Specifications (Infotype 0041) Monitoring of Tasks (Infotype 0019).
A work schedule consists of several different elements that can be combined much like building blocks in a variety of ways to form a complete work schedule. Which of the following elements are available within Work Schedule? ( chose 2 ) Holiday Work Schedules Period Work Schedules Personal Work Schedule.
To be able to use Shift Planning, the following data must be defined. ( chose 3 ) Profile Shift Groups Requirement Types Shift Categories.
You can use InfoSet Query to report on data from Human Resources (HR) by using InfoSets based on HR logical databases (PNP, PNPCE, PCH, PAP). Which of the following statements regarding HR InfoSet Queries are true? ( chose 2 ) You need programming skills to create reports using InfoSet Queries. InfoSet Query is used when you cannot meet requirements using standard reports. The advantage of using Query as a template is that several users can use the query as a template at the same time without locking each other out. An InfoSet Query can be output as a multi-level list.
The ability to meet personnel requirements is key for enterprises. It is particularly important for the development and success of expanding enterprises that they have quick access to adequate personnel. The SAP Recruitment component has all the functions you need for working through the entire recruitment procedure, from creating applicant data to filling vacant positions. Which of the following are sub components of SAP Recruitment? ( chose 3 ) Organization Management Selection of Applicants Applicant Administration Workforce Requirements and Advertising.
The work schedule is the information medium for all employees who work on time-based schedules. It also contains a detailed overview of all working times.With reference to work schedule, which of the following statements are true? ( chose 3 ) In work schedule, you can assign different public holiday calendars to different organizational units in your enterprise. In work schedule, you can define public holidays and determine working and break times. Weekly work schedules are the smallest units of a work schedule. Period Work Schedules are created for each employee when you include individual time data in a work schedule meant for several employees in the time infotypes Absences (2001), Attendances (2002), Substitutions (2003) and so on. It is possible to integrate work schedules with components within HR as well as other SAP Components.
The Time Evaluation component valuates employees’ working times. With reference to Time Evaluation, which of the following statements are true? ( chose 3 ) Time Evaluation offers a choice of several standard processing methods such as processing external data or processing deviations. Time evaluation can enable absence to be accrued automatically. The results of a Time Evaluation run are logged and saved on the database for specific days. You can simulate time evaluation e.g. to estimate the amount of overtime. The results are saved on the database for specific simulations.
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