Comparative superiority

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Comparative superiority

Complete the sentences

Teacher Haidê
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This book is _______ ______________ _________ that book. more interesting more interesting than cheaper than cleaner than.
Ferrari is _________ ________________ than Fusca. cheaper more boring more expensive betther than.
English is __________ ___________ Portuguese. easier than more difficult taller than shorter than.
Santa Maria is ____________ _________ Passabém. more big more expensive than smaller than bigger than.
Reginaldo is __________ than Gabriel. smaller more expensive taller younger than.
Fusca is ______________ than Ferrari. cheaper more expensive easier taller.
Rio de Janeiro is ________ ______________ than Passabém. more expensive more dangerous more difficult smaller than.
The weather is __________ today than yesterday. good hotter bad easier.
Rio de Janeiro is ________ ______________ than Belo Horizonte. smaller bigger shorter more beautiful.
Darleison is ____________ than Luciana. shorter more expensive older smaller.
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