ECommerce Preparation

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ECommerce Preparation

ECommerce Preparation CBA

Benjamin Bustamante
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What is the definition of AddOns? Extends the functionality of the SAP Commerce Accelerator. They are a type of Extension that allow you to add front-end files such JSP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, and Images without modify the storefront-end files directly. None.
What is the definition of an Extension? An Extension can contain business logic, type definitions, a Web Application, or a Hybris Management Console configuration. That way you link up in one place all of the functionality that covers a certain field of use, for example a Webshop. None.
What is the definition of an IMPEX? SAP Commerce is shipped with a text-based import and export functionality called ImpEx. The ImpEx engine allows creating, updating, removing and exporting Platform items such as customer, product, or order data to and from comma-separated value (CSV) data files, both during runtime and during the initialization or update process. None.
What are IMPEX key features? Import and export SAP Commerce Data from and into CSV files Support for import using database access None.
What can you do with ImpEx? Update data at run time Create initial data for a project, or migrate existing data from on SAP Commerce instance into another (during an upgrade, for example) Facilitate data transfer tasks, for example, for CronJobs, or for synchronization with third party systems (such as an LDAP system or SAP R/3) None.
An ImpEx "during development" is used for: Importing sample data Testing of business functionalities Creating sample data during SAP Commerce initialization Providing an easy way to create a project initial data None.
An ImpEx in "Migration" field can be used for: Migrating existing data from one SAP Commerce installation to another (during a version upgrade, for example). None.
An ImpEx "In an Operation SAP Commerce" can be used for: Synchronizing data in SAP Commerce with other systems Creating a backup of SAP Commerce data Providing run-time data for CronJobs None.
What tools can be used to deal with CSV files? (ImpEx) UltraEdit Microsoft Office Excel OpenOffice Calc None.
Which consoles can execute ImpEx? Hybris Management Console Hybris Administration Console (SAP E-Commerce Administration Console) SAP Commerce API None.
What are the phases of Distributed Mode / Distributed ImpEx? 1. Prepare and split 2. Single task execution 3. Finish None.
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