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what are sap activate steps?.
Which of the following can be used to call a reverse proxy like a Web Dispatcher for HTTPS? .
SAP Reference apps configuration steps create catalog Create reference to tiles create groups create target mappping.
Default port no for HTTPS.
The reference apps on an AS ABAP read data from database tables. These tables are shipped in an empty state. Demo data can be generated using the transaction .
What task can be performed in ESH_COCKPIT? Create connector view model data upload metadata file view connectors in model.
what are database for SAP Fiori frontend? SAP HANA SAP ASE SAP MaxDB My SQL MongoDB.
what is the tcode to copy SAP fiori catalog from one client to other?.
Which Fiori element provide information in single page to user ?.
How to activate businness warehouse for Analytical Apps?.
How to get notification in SAP Fiori launchpad? Pull to FES from BES by RFC Push by BES to FES via RFC.
What are SAP Fiori element based apps.
Select any two ZS4ASIA ZS4EUR- user roles SAP_APJ-S4A SAP_EMEA-S4E.
Rfc for legacy Apps - Diagram based Question.
No of ABAP work process for in ABAP System.
where are the log files for start process.
Tcode to display profile parameters RZ11 RZ03 RZ04 RSPFPAR.
In Web ide what does extesnion project prefer to SAP gateway service SAP gateway project SAPUI5 project SAPUI5 service.
Why we use SAP gateway alias.
What are data definition source for ODATA service in ABAP CDS HANA application XS application service SAP gateway project AMDP.
What are Fiori design principles.
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