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What can you use to transform data from SAP Business Warehouse (BW) into SAPHANA? SAP Legacy System Migration Workbech (LSMW) SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) SAP BW extractors SAP BusinessObjects Data Services.
What are the recommended ways to perform a database backup? (Choose two) Use SQL commands Use the BRBACKUP command Use the./hdbsetup command Use SAP HANA Studio.
Which parameters do you change to configure the trace file rotation? (Choose two) Tracefile Maxfiles Maxfilesize trace.
You have to size an SAP HANA system for SAP NetWeaver BW. The SAP NetWeaverBW system is currently running on a non-SAP RDBMS.Which of the following factors influences the size of the SAP HANA system? The partitioning of tables The numbers of tables in the row store The number of indexes The size of aggregates.
What is the correct communication data flow between diagnostics in SAP SolutionManager and SAP HANA in the monitor scenario? Solution ManagerHostAgentSAP HANA Solution ManagerSMDAgentSAP HANA Solution Manager HostAgent SMDAgent SAP HANA Solution Manager SMDAgent HostAgent SAP HANA.
You have exported a system landscape from an SAP HANA studio and imported it intoa different SAP HANA studio.What information must you provide to make the imported landscape work? Connection path Passwords for all connections Server instance numbers Server host names.
Which of the following actions are required in the SAP HANA studio to use theEnhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+)? (Choose two) Use an authorized user to attach SAP HANA content to transport requests. Create the HTTP connection named CTSDEPLOY Configure the connection to the CTS in the preferences Create a delivery unit that contains all of the runtime objets.
A user cannot query an information model because of missing authorizations. Whatis the fastest way to find out which authorization is missing? Investigate the authorization trace Query the systems views EFECTIVE_PRIVILEGES. Use the authorization dependency viewer. Check the assigned roles in the user editor.
Which of the following are recovery types in SAP HANA database? (Choose two) Recovery with incremental backup Point in the time recovery Recovery until cancel Full recovery.
You have an SAP HANA development environment with 4 scale out servers of 512 GBRAM each (Hosts A, B, C, and D).You would like to allocate exactly 300 GB to install a BW on HANA developmentdatabase.Which of the following are valid values for the global_allocation_limit parameter? (Choose two) 100 GB for the entire system and 200 GB individually for Host A 50 GB for the entire system and 150 GB individually for Host B 75 GB for entire system 300 GB for entire system.
Which connectivity options can you use to create an SAP BusinessObjects universeon SAP HANA? (Choose two) Relational connections using BICS Relational connections using JDBC Relational connections using MDX Relational connections using ODBC.
Which of the following prerequisites must be met before you can install the SAPHANA studio on a Linux operating system? (Choose two) You are logged on as the root user. The installation directory has as least 10 GB of free space. The Java runtime is accessible via the PATH or JAVA_HOME variable. You are logged on as the adm user.
How can you delete old data and log backups from both the backup catalog andphysically from the server? Run "DELETE from m_backup_catalog_files where backup_id =" in the SQL editor Delete all files under $(DIR_GLOBAL)/hdb/log Delete all files under $(DIR_INSTANCE)/backup/data and$(DIR_INSTANCE)/backup/log Go to Backup Editor/Backup Catalog/Delete Older Backups/Catalog andbackup location.
A company wants to restrict data access to a specific year for certain users. Whichprivilege type must you define in SAP HANA to achieve this requirement? Analytic privileges Systems privileges Packeage privileges SQL privileges.
Which of the following are required to monitor SAP HANA in SAP Solution Manager? (Choose two) Host agent running on SAP HANA Host agent running on SAP Solution Manager SMD agent running on SAP Solution Manager SMD agent running on SAP HANA.
Which of the following commands installs or updates the repository for SAP HANAstudio? hdbinst -a studio - -copy_repository= hdbinst -a studio - -repository=.
Where in the SAP HANA studio can you change the path of the backup folder? (Choose two) executor.ini global.ini Backup catalog Backup editor.
Which user must have SELECT privilege with the grant option on the data schema? _SYS_BIC _SYS_REPO SYSTEM ADM.
You have to create an SAP HANA architecture that meets the following requirements:- Data provisioning is performed in batch mode- Data transformation is performed during the load step,- Reporting is run using analytic data models.Which of the following scenarios would you implement? An agile data mart SAP HANA as application plataform An operational data mart An SAP HANA accelerator.
You want to update a productive SAP HANA system to the next support package stack(SPS). What are the prerequisites? (Choose two) You performed a backup of the system. You applied the new license key for the new SPS You planned a business dowtime for the systems. You prepared the data and log area in the file system You know the adm password.
Which of the following situations can trigger a delta merge? The memory consumption of the delta storage exceeds a limit The number of records in the main storage exceeds a limit An SQL statement must read merged data A pre-defined time of day has arrived.
A company is planning to upgrade from an SAP HANA platform license to an SAPHANA enterprise license.Which additional component will be provided? Database for SAP NetWeaver BW XS application development SAP Sybase ASE Data replication.
Which of the following URLs do you define for Software Update Manager? http://8443/studio_repository/ http://8444/studio_repository/ https://8444/studio_repository/ https://8443/studio_repository/.
An administrator should be enabled to cancel long running commands and endsessions.Which privilege must the user be granted? SESSION ADMIN USER ADMIN MONITOR ADMIN RESOURCE ADMIN.
Which view allows you to find the name and the size of backup files? M_BACKUP_CATALOG M_BACKUP_CATALOG_FILES M_SYSTEM_OVERVIEW M_SERVICE_STATISTICS.
Which of the following files should be considered in your SAP HANA backup strategy? (Choose two or more) Dumps files Export and import files Data and log files Kernel files Configuration files.
A long-running SQL query issued by an SAP NetWeaver work process also seems touse a lot of system resources.How can you find out which ABAP module and which SAP NetWeaver user called thequery? Go to the Performance tab of SAP HANA studio- Check the System load diagram Open Transaction Global Work Process Overview (SM66) in the SAPNetWever system- Sort the list by CPU time-Select the top entry Open Transaction Process Overview (SM50) in the SAP NetWeaver systrem-Sort the list by CPU time- Select the top entry- Check the User and Report columns In SAP HANA studio, check the session overview- Identify the logical CONNECTION ID for the SAP NwtWeaver workprocess- Check the columns APPLICATIONSOURCE and APLICATIONUSER.
What is the connection type for communication between the SAP LT ReplicationServer and the non-SAP source system? QRFC Web service Database TRFC.
Which of the following privileges do you need to activate views? SELECT option on the_SYS_BIC schema SELECT option on the_SYS schema SELECT option on the_SYS_BI schema SELECT option on the_SYS_REPO schema.
Which of the following can you use to configure the connection between the sourcesystem and SAP HANA in the SAP LT system? (Choose two) Transaction LTR SAP HANA studio/Administration Console/Add System SAP NetWeaver Administrator/Configuration/Destination Web Dynpro application IUUC_REPLICATION_CONFIG.
Which authorization error do you troubleshoot using the Authorization DependencyViewer? Invalid user privilege (334) Transaction error (128) Invalidated procedure (430) SQL processing error (256).
Which new connection type is available as of SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0? Read table via ABAP data flows Operational data provider BAPI funtion calls IDOC's.
You execute an authorization trace in the SAP HANA studio. Where can you reviewthe outcome? In the result screen of the trace configuration In the monitoring view M_SERVICE_TRACES In the authorization dependecy viewer In the indexserver trace diagnosis file.
Which of the following can you use to analyze an expensive SQL statement? (Choose two) The hdbcons tool The plan explanation The plan visualizer The performance trace view.
Which tasks do you have to perform if you want to use SAP BW with SAP HANA as theunderlying database? Do a heterogeneous systems copy from your current DB to SAP HANA DB Ensure that you have at least SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse 7.02 installed Recreate SAP BW indexes after SAP HANA database migration. Do a homogeneous systems copy from your current DB to SAP HANA DB.
Which of the following is influenced by the audit level? The information that is printed with the audit log entry The order of the audit log entries in the audit log The amount of data transferred to SAP Solution Manager The messages that are sent to the security administrator.
Which of the following privileges are mandatory for the initial user to configure SAPLT to populate the SAP HANA database? CREATE ANY in_SYS_BIC schema EXECUTE of REPOSITORY_REST(SYS) SELECT on SYS_REPL.RS_REPLICATION_COMPONENTS with grant option ROLE_ADMIN.
Which of the following traces provides information about past SQL query runtimeperformance including the values of parameters? User-specific trace Performance trace Expensive statements SQL trace.
Which of the following can performed in the SAP HANA lifecycle manager?(Choose two or more) Copy an SAP HANA system. Unistall an SAP HANA system Change the SAP HANA license type. Add an additional SAP HANA system. Rename an SAP HANA system.
In the SAP HANA studio, where can you check the throughput performance of SAPHANA backups? Admnistrator Console Performance Job Progress System Information Database Information Administrator Console Diagnosis files Backup.log Backup Editor Backup Catalog Backup.
You deleted billions of records from several tables in the SAP HANA database.However, the file system for the data volumes did not gain any free space.What is the reason? You did not execute the ALTER SYSTEM RECLAM LOG SAP HANA keeps the space for later reuse. You did not execute a full backup and restore to reduce the size of the data volumes SAP HANA did not trigger a delta merge yet.
Which of the following must be shared by SAP HANA nodes in a high availabilityscenario? Virtual host name Network Shared memory Storage.
Using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT), you are replicating in real-time an SAPERP system (source system) into an SAP HANA system.How can you check whether the source system and SLT are synchronized? (Choose two) By comparing entries in table TTZCU (Customizing time zones) in SLT and the SAPERP system By executing the ABAP program :SAPLATRA_TOOL_TIMES in SLT and the SAP ERPsystem By executing the ABAP program :TZCUSTHELP in SLT and the SAP ERP system By comparing the system time of the operating systems in SLT and SAPERP system.
Which tab in SAP HANA studio displays CPU load history data? Volumenes Overview Performance Landscape.
What does the save point process in SAP HANA do? What does the save point processin SAP HANA do? It synchronizes changed data to the disaster recovery system. Its saves changed data to disk at regular intervals. It frees up memory by saving non-active data to disk. It saves changed data to disk when transaction are committed .
You have a company with single SAP Hana instance, a software application is designed toshare of the instance including its data, configuration, user management, tenant individualfunctionality and nonfunctional properties. MCOS MCOD Multi-Tenant database (MTDC) slide-211 of HA200 Technical co deployment.
You have an SAP HANA development environment with 4 scale out servers of 512 GB RAMeach (Hosts A, B, C, and D). You would like to allocate exactly 300 GB to install a BW onHANA development database. Which of the following are valid values for theglobal_allocation_limit parameter? (Choose two) 100 GB for the entire system and 200 GB individually for Host A 50 GB for the entire system and 150 GB individually for Host B 75 GB for the entire system 300 GB for the entire system.
Which privileges required to view M_INITFILE_CONTENT? Choose 2 correct answer fromthe below. (Choose two) TRACE ADMIN AUDIT OPERATOR CATALOG read DATA ADMIN.
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